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Off Grid Living

  • Slash Your food budget
  • Reduce your utilities by 50%-75%
  • Take control of your health
  • Eliminate Your Debt
  • Unplug From "The Man."

Off grid living in urban, suburban, and rural environments.

Off Grid Living is a mindset...

Freedom isn't Free.

Freedom Is About Taking Responsibility For Your Life Choices.

off grid living

This website doesn't assume you're living off grid in some remote location. It assumes you're living in an urban or suburban setting and interested in discovering off grid living skills right now, Or you care about having a more sustainable lifestyle. A healthier body and attitude. That you want to be more financially secure. Most of all, leave the stress behind, no matter where you live.

Why? Because Off Grid Living Is a Process...

This website was created with a different goal in mind...Off Grid Living Now. Having a simpler, more fulfilling life, no matter where you might live, urban, suburban, or rural. If you want to go off the grid, the time to start preparing is now. It is about being as self-sufficient as possible in a inter-dependent world.

You can start going off the grid right now, no matter where you live...​

What you'll get inside

Off Grid Heating/Cooling

saving money

Innovative ways to heat and cool your house for pennies on the dollar. Don't let the utilities rob you.

Living Off The Grid

Owning Your Own Off Grid Home

Urban homesteading,apartment homesteading, and semi-rural.

Debt Elimination

Cut your ties to the sucking sound around your pay check. It's easier than you think.

Most off grid sites are about what to do once you find that dream piece of property. Which is great...in the future.

What about now? Today?

Maybe You...
Off grid living
  • ​Lost your job and was forced to "restructure?"  (Restructure properly now and you won't worry about it ever again)
  • At a dead-end job but can't quit? (You could tell your boss to shove it (Imagine the feeling) when you realize you don't need him anymore.)
  • Owe too much and can't get away from the interest payments? (You're not alone and it's a deliberately set trap to keep  you in bondage forever. Learn how to break free)
  • Did the recession knock you down from middle-class and now you have to build from the ground up? (Then you're lucky because now you can build smarter, stronger, and say good-bye to the storms of a bad economy.)
  • Looking to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle? (Get away from store-bought, chemically processed food and feel your health return.)
  • Tired of being a slave to profit-driven corporations squeezing every last dollar out of you? (The system is designed to make you spend as much money as possible on things you don't want or need. Turn the system on its head and make it work for you.)
  • Are Feeling depressed and disconnected from a technological world that seems to be leaving the simple pleasures in life behind?
  • Most of all, are you tired of the stress?

You can break away from the cycle that is forcing you down.

When you take responsibility for your own lifestyle, and away from the organized theft that is the daily reality, magical things start to happen...

So is it possible to live off the grid, on your own terms in urban, suburban environments where most people live?

In a Word...Yes.

off grid living

You can lead a $10,000 a month lifestyle on $3,000 per month. Or a $5,000 per month lifestyle on $1,500. How?​

By putting into practice many of the skills you'll need if you're serious about getting all the controlling forces out of your life. You'll need to eliminate debt, grow your own organic food, and reduce your energy consumption. Depending on your situation you also might want to create your own energy and make biofuels, You can do any, or all of them, and see a radical change in your life, your budget, your health, and your happiness.

  • Ways to cut your utility bill in half, with no loss of comfort.
  • Cut your heating/cooling bills in half (Or more) without sweating or freezing.
  • Never buy vegetables or protein again. Or only buy luxury food (Rib-eyes, lobster) because now you can afford it.
  • Get rid of the chemicals, pesticides, and GMO's in your food and eat organic for a fraction of the price.
  • Take control of your health and cheat the medical insurance industry at their own game.
  • Get proactive about your debt/interest payments and quickly cut your debt in half.

The revolution needed in your life starts with you.​ It starts with changing your thinking, understanding your options, and subtly altering choices you make everyday. Without realizing it, everything you've been taught, conditioned to think, by the government, by the media, by schools, by the institutions which control your life for their own self-interest.

You don't have to let them. YOU ARE in control.

As Steve Jobs said, "Think different."

We help you shorten the process with tips, tricks, hacks, and techniques that work.​

Join our free membership and find out how. You have nothing to lose.

And That's not all...

Not only will you get a ton of free information on all aspects of off grid living, you'll get much more.

(We Like To Over-Deliver)

  • A video library  of how to information,
  • Downloadable .pdf's with step-by-step instructions you can use to get started today,
  • An audio library you can download and listen to when you're on the go,
  • Check lists,
  • Tips, techniques, and hacks.
  • All Free.

What Others Have to Say About Some of the Information On Off Grid Living...

off grid living

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The greatest aspect of your work is the empowering of the little people. You’re making us aware we have other choices, we will no longer in bondage the big energy companies. You have demonstrated this is not complex. We can do this.​

Larry D. Hays
Oregon USA

​ I would like to extend my personal "THANKS" to you for making all of this exciting information available for common folks such as myself, your are truly an innovator and a Gentlemen.

Erik T. Echuk

I have been an avid Mercedes diesel veggie oil guy for years... but never had "enough" information to get started.

Thus, your book has given me the confidence to move forward!!!

S. Podliska
California, USA

I just finished your book, and I must say it really really a good book. After spending a year or so to search here and there about biodiesel I've finally found my starting point. Thank you very much for your great book.​

Muliady Sutanto

Your Making Algae Biodiesel at Home is a terrific document. Congratulations on probably the best collection of information anywhere on the topic.

Curt Felix
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