Suburban Homesteading – An Off Grid Home in the City?

suburban homesteading

Summary: Suburban Homesteading

Just because you live in a suburban setting, doesn’t mean you can’t experience suburban homesteading. This allows you to have an off grid home, despite living in an area where it would surprise your neighbors.

As you have the experience, you’ll learn some important skills that most people don’t have today. This includes fermenting, soup making, seeding, knitting, candle making and so much more. If you find a community that is passionate about suburban homesteading, you might have a community who works on projects together, have access to elders, and have a chance to build an off grid home in a likeminded community.

Suburban Homesteading is catching on

Suburban Homesteading

For suburban homesteading there are a few different things you can do. The first is to being to grow your own food in the city. If you are in a community, you can setup a community garden and begin to grow vegetables with the others and share your harvest when it is time.

Don't forget the backyard...

If you are a single off grid home, then you’ll want to use your backyard to create a garden that allows you to rely on your own efforts to produce crops for you and your family to enjoy. If there are things you cannot grow, you can source the additional food.

If there are nearby that offer wild fruits and vegetables, take advantage of those. If not, see what options you have for buying in bulk directly from farmers. This cuts out the middleman and can reduce your costs.

surburban homesteading

To boost the nutrients in the food you are growing, make sure you take advantage of composting. A simple compost pile can help to give you nutrient rich soil that will allow you to grow better quality fruits and vegetables. Just make sure you continue to work this compost pile so it effectively remains fertile and doesn’t become rancid garbage.

Depending on where you live in a suburban area, you may be legally allowed to grow animals. It might be as simple as just chickens, but pigs and goats are also an option. It’s important that you understand what animals you can raise and make sure that you take advantage of them. After all, chicken eggs are a great source of protein and can provide you additional nutrients for your diet, while you enjoy an off grid lifestyle.

Live off the grid in suburbia

Canning is another skill you’ll want to learn. This will allow you to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables so you can continue to enjoy them after their season. Keep in mind that there will be some fruits and vegetables that won’t can well, so you’ll want to decide how you want to handle those items.

spring garden

It is possible to grow certain items indoors with the right equipment, if you decide to take that approach. Freezing and drying are also exceptional options when you want to preserve food.

As you can see, it is possible for you to embrace suburban homesteading. You just need to ensure you take advantage of these simple steps and build from them, until you are able to provide for your family off your land alone.

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