The first step you should take in your journey to living off the grid is to start lowering your electricity bills.
We have found that learning how to build solar panels is the best place to start. It is fast, easy and inexpensive.

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Getting started with solar panels is probably the fastest way to start living off the grid.

What follows is a list of resource websites for those of you who are interested in solar panels.

There are several choices you can make with a solar panels installation, we hope these links will be of use to you.

If you know of other solar energy resources that could help our readers please submit them for review.

>The Daily Green Solar Panel Reviews (The Daily Green is a really interesting website)

>The Solar Living Institute (solar panel installation classes and off grid instruction)

>Solar Energy Uses

>EcoBusinessLinks Green Directory (Great list of solar-related websites and off grid living products)

>How to Make Solar Panels (YouTube video)

>National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL’s solar Division, solar maps)

>Green Industry Index of Solar Panel Companies (directory of solar panel distributors )

>Solar Industry Magazine ( a very good and free resource print magazine about technological breakthroughs in the solar panels and off grid marketplace)

Get Grants for Solar Panels and Off the grid living

If you have a site where the wind blows enough to be noticeable or even irritating on a regular basis you probably should look into wind generators.

Below is a list of resource websites for those of you interested in adding a wind generator, or considering a hybrid wind/solar system for off-grid living. If you know of other resources you would like to share with our readers please let us know, thanks.

>News from around the Earth(Renewable Energy, Solar Panels, Wind Generators News)

>Wind Power Monthly (online wind generators magazine)

>American Wind Energy Association (good basic guides on installing wind generators, off grid included.

>Wind Generator Community ( a really good site, founders are living off the grid)

>Prairie Turbines (one of the most interesting books about the Breezy 5.5 Reliable 5500 Watt Homebuilt Wind Turbine Generator)

>North American Wind Power Guide (very good and free magazine about happenings in the world of wind energy)

>Hugh Piggott Axial Flux Alternator Windmill (visit the Scoraig, a perfect spot for wind energy production and living off grid)

It has been our goal ever since we can ever remember to provide for ourselves.

This is quite contrary to the economic cycle of ‘specialized training’ and doing what you are best at that prevails in most of the populated world.

Living off the land is a more hands on approach to life, with the emphasis always being on quality… quality of what we consume and the quality of our life as well.

What follows is a list of helpful websites, that will be of use to you, from gardening tips to simple examples. Enjoy.

>CountrySide and Small Stock Journal (Great magazine for small-scale farms and backyard market gardening)

>Sustainable Farmer Magazine (Online publication for organic farmers and those who want to start)

Yes, we could very easily just go to the supermarket and buy what we need always, but there always seems to be something missing in that kind of existence.

The land can also provide building material, fuel as well as our garden. It can provide recreation and relaxation too, those all too infrequent moments of calm reflection missing in most of our lives.

Living off the grid is full of options, if you need help please contact us.

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