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Living Off The Grid Magazine


It is finally here, after months of preparation we want to introduce the new living off the grid magazine. For quite a few years we have had it in our minds to take the website concept and make it into a magazine format. We are not quite ready to unveil the ‘off the grid magazine’ just yet. […]

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Off Grid Home: Finding Land For Sale

Finding Your Off Grid Home - Land For Sale Off the Grid

Now, finding your off grid home has become a goal of many families, and for good reason. Finding land for sale off the grid used to be much simpler. Living off the grid was considered by many to be an alternative lifestyle choice that didn’t warrant their approval. But, times have changed…You can find cheaper […]

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Emergency Preparedness Checklist


While living off the grid for the past 17 years we have added a lot of items to our emergency preparedness checklist. Virtually every minute we are prepared, and we have seen a lot of different weather events that leads us to believe that an emergency could be around just about any corner and occur just […]

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Debt Free Living

debt free living

I remember that moment with my son like it happened just yesterday, even though 10 years has passed. He got home from school on what was a great looking early spring day, and looked rather upset. He definitely didn’t want to talk about it. It took a couple hours but, finally at the dinner table it came […]

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Build Solar Panels for Off Grid Living

build solar panels

If you want a simple system for meeting your energy needs when you begin living off the grid then building solar panels is probably your best answer. We learned how to build solar panels over 16 years ago and have seen many designs and plans. Some good some not so good. What does 16 years of experience […]

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A Home Not an Investment

energy efficient homes

Ever since we started living off the grid we have noticed a very prevalent opinion that goes something like this – ” your home is nice, but how would you ever sell it?” We used to get kind of irritated at the question as being off the grid has given us the option of not looking […]

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