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Hydroponic Grow Systems: The 8 Main Types

Hydroponic Grow Systems

“ All living beings, not just animals, but plants and microorganisms, perceive. To survive, an organic being must perceive – it must seek, or at least recognize, food and avoid environmental danger.”Lynn Margulis In terms of sustainability and environmental sustainability, hydroponics grow systems can be a complex system for improvement. It eliminates pests and diseases transmitted […]

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14 Benefits of An Indoor Hydroponic Garden

indoor hydroponics

“​It used to be hydroponics was just a nod, nod, wink, wink, word for pot growing. Now it is accepted by consumers as a preferred method of growing high-quality food.”​Michael R. Christian ​Indoor hydroponic gardens has become quite popular in recent years as an alternative to soil gardening. In many cases, it is easier and […]

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Aeroponic Tower Gardens: 7 Reasons To Have One.


“​“Just one square meter gives you more yield than in one acre of land. That’s an ideal system for a developing country. [It] will produce up to 300 cucumbers a year.… A system like that can supply a family with fresh vegetables and with vitamins and also with protein””​Dr. Nick Savidov 7 Reasons That You […]

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Vertical Farming Systems: Your 3 Biggest Questions Answered

vertical farming

​It’s a rapidly growing trend in agriculture. Vertical farming systems ​are becoming something done at home, in an apartment, in your backyard, on a rooftop, or even inside abandoned building. ​This is something that ​a lot of companies around the United States are looking at..​Cropping up–no pun intended– all across the country, new vertical farming companies […]

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Backyard Urban Farming is Sweeping The Country

urban gardening

​There is a multitude of reasons to start backyard urban ​farming. Aside from the obvious food that you can grow, it’s healthier for you, it costs next to nothing to grow, and it’s something that you can teach your kids about and do together. City living doesn’t have to mean that you can’t grow your own […]

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Hydroponics System: Grow Healthy Food Year Around

hydroponic system

​​​​​What is a Hydroponic System?A hydroponics system is a group of plants that are set in a water based solution. This method does not use any dirt to secure the plants. Instead, peat moss, rockwool, perlite, or clay pellets are used. This approach allows the plants to have constant access to their nutrients and oxygen […]

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Aquaponics: A Method For Food Independence Or Survival

DIY aquaponics

​​​​Five Reasons to Enjoy Aquaponics GardeningAn aquaponic system is an answer to the food shortage across the world. Aquaponics is an amazing design capable of producing fish and vegetables in a very small area. It combines hydroponics, best known as a method of growing plants without soil, with the agricultural technique of aquaculture, or raising […]

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Aeroponics: Small Space, Big Yields


Are you looking for big crop yields from small or limited space? Aeroponics is one answer.​Aeroponics, in a nutshell is…​Is a method of urban farming in which plants or crops are grown in an air or mist environment without using soil or another traditional medium. This differs from hydroponics, which uses a liquid nutrient solution as […]

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