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Suburban Homesteading: 7 Steps For An Off Grid Home in the City

DIY aquaponics

“​​The Homesteaders, including my grandparents who left behind almost nothing, and arrived in Montana with nothing but the clothes on their back, high hopes, ​and dreaming of the future.”​Brian Switzer ​Just because you live in a suburban setting, doesn’t mean you can’t experience ​Suburban Homesteading. This allows you to have an off grid home, despite […]

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Home Cooling Systems: Cut Your Cooling Costs In Half, Even Eliminate Them

home cooling systems

Click Video to Watch Follow ← Previous Module Next Module → Course Summary: Home Cooling The most important thing you need to take away from this lesson is…You can cut your home cooling costs in half easily, even eliminate them. Cooling  your house can be accomplished easily with proper planning.Although your first thought for home cooling may […]

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Energy Efficient Windows: What You Need To Know

energy efficient windows

Click Video to Watch ← Previous Module Next Module → Follow Course Summary: Energy Efficient Windows The most important thing you need to take away from this lesson is…Today’s energy efficient windows can maximize daylight can add needed and necessary light, as well as heat, bringing your overall lighting and heating costs down even more. Windows and […]

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Off Grid Home: Finding Land For Sale

Finding Your Off Grid Home - Land For Sale Off the Grid

Now, finding your off grid home has become a goal of many families, and for good reason. Finding land for sale off the grid used to be much simpler. Living off the grid was considered by many to be an alternative lifestyle choice that didn’t warrant their approval. But, times have changed…You can find cheaper […]

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