Advantages Of Solar Energy: Are You Missing Out On Big Savings?

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Chapter Summary: Advantages Of Solar Energy

The advantages of solar energy far outweigh the disadvantages ten-fold.. This lesson will give you an overview of why now is the time to switch to solar energy.

Quite simply, because you can easily save 50%-90% off the cost of a manufactured system. Probably the biggest advantage of solar energy is immediate electricity bill savings. No matter how small your installation, you begin receiving smaller monthly bills from your local utility company – from Day 1.

Advantages Of Solar Energy

But let’s look at all the advantages of solar energy:

 Save on electric bills

 Generate passive income

 Boost your home’s property value

 Better your own environment as well as everyone else’s.

Save on electricity bills..

save 50%

But how large are these electricity bill savings? Answering this depends on two important factors:

Solar energy is a modular technology, meaning you can install as many or as few panels as you like – whenever you like. Each new kilowatt of installed solar capacity brings you bigger electricity bill savings.

With a large enough installation, it’s possible to reduce your energy bill completely. Thanks to solar energy, countless Americans already pay $0 a month to their local utility. Some people even have the utility company paying them for their excess energy.

Since you were smart enough to take the energy efficiency ​course, and reduced your energy consumption by 50%-75% anyway, the size of the system needed also shrank by 50%-75% as well. Take advantage of solar rebates in your state, you will be well on your way to eliminating ongoing utility costs, and getting installation for free,

No matter how large your installation, you can expect your electricity bill savings to grow with time. As utility rates increase, clean energy from the sun remains consistently free. Solar is an investment that pays increasingly large dividends with each passing year.

Generate passive income: Depending on where you live, solar panels not only help you save on your electricity bill – they can also generate passive income.

Many states, like New Jersey and California, offer generous renewable energy incentives designed to encourage solar photovoltaic (PV) adoption. If you qualify for these incentives, your local utility company actually pays you for the clean energy that your panels produce – either with direct cash or through credits. At that point, your electricity bill isn’t simply $0 – it’s in the negative.


Boast property values: Another huge advantage of solar energy is it can also get you a much higher asking price when it comes time to sell your home.

An average sized installation on a property can add $20,000 or more to the retail value of your home – an amount that exceeds the average cost of most residential solar installations, meaning you could not only be reducing or eliminating your electricity bill but also getting 100% of your money back when and if you sell the home. By contrast, most kitchen remodeling projects only deliver returns of 60%.

If you’re going to make home improvements, solar energy is pretty difficult to top. You enjoy lower electricity bills for as long as you remain in your house. And when it comes time to sell, you recoup 100% of your investment thanks to your property’s higher asking price.

Environment: But solar’s environmental dividends are no less tangible.

As more homes and businesses across the country install solar panels, our nation moves farther away from fossil fuel consumption and closer to a clean economy powered by the sun. The benefits of this transition are enormous:

Better health due to cleaner air, water, and soil

Greater energy security due to reductions in imported fuel

Stronger economic growth through the creation of green jobs

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the main cause of catastrophic climate change, global weirding, and severe weather

The advantages of solar energy don’t simply benefit you – the system owner. They benefit anyone who enjoys having a cleaner and more sustainable environment (which means everyone).

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