Welcome To Off Grid Academy!

Congratulations on taking action to live free.  Dive In. Watch the video then choose the aspects you want to learn about below.

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At the End of This Course You Should Be Able To...

    • Reduce your home energy utility bills by 50% to 75%
    • Cut your heating/cooling costs by 50% or more.
    • Make your own biofuels, both biodiesel and bioethanol.
    • Be able to grow your own organic food, year around, cheaply with 30-60 minutes of work a week.
    • Learn ways to save money on things you use every day.
    • Reduce and eliminate your debts.
    • Ditch the rat race, hide in plain sight, live a happier, stress-free, and overlooked by everyone.

Who should take this course?

    • Any home owners who wants to save money
    • People concerned about home energy costs and are looking at ways to reduce them.
    • People who are concerned about global warming and want to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint.
    • People who want to know quickest and easiest methods of saving energy dollars without expensive upgrades.

Get Started the Right Way With Going Off the Grid

The best way is to learn these concepts is to take these sections in order as one part builds on the next.

6 Video Courses that will teach you How To Go Off The Grid

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Eliminate The High Cost of Utilities


9 videos

How does slashing your utilities bills by 50% to 75% sound? I went from paying over $500 per month to paying less than $75. With no loss of comfort. You can too.


Build Your Own Solar Panels


17 Videos

Remember, you don't want to eliminate your utilities entirely. That sends a big red flag up and invites "The Man" into your life. Instead reduce them to the lowest possible payment. Beat the utility company at their own game.


Coming Soon

Cut Down Your Food Bill

The chemicals and toxins in store bought food are making you sick. But have you seen the cost of "organic" food?  Learn how to put fresh, 100% organic vegetables ​and protein on your table for a fraction of the cost of store bought.

Coming Soon

Say "Goodbye" to Interest Payments and Bill Collectors

Debt elimination: Credit repair companies would charge you $500-$1000 for this info. I'm going to give it to you for free. You can't run away from your debts and be free. Learn how to pay them off them off quickly with no loss of lifestyle or comfort.


Wipe Out the High Cost of Heating/Cooling


4 Videos

Heating and cooling costs are going up every year. Most people wring their hands and open their wallets. You won't. Beat the utility company at their own game.


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Make Biofuels

Sooner or later, You're going to need fuel. On average oil companies make 5 cents per gallon profit on fuel. The government makes 0.45 to 0.85 cents per gallon on fuel taxes. Who do you want to pay, yourself or the government? This sections shows you how to make your own biodiesel or bioethanol.


Coming Soon

Build a Business That adds Value to Your Life and Others

If you're serious and gotten to this point, You'll need something constructive to put the money you've saved to good use. The best use is to have it make money for you. Making money doesn't mean you have to sell your soul. Learn how to create value in other people's lives and they will gladly pay you.

Coming Soon

How To fade into the landscape, Go Off The Grid, and Hide in Plain Sight 

The last part, if you've done all the above, is also the easiest part. Why "disappear" (Which is a red flag to the authorities) when you can co-exist peacefully and they never notice you?

Unannounced Bonus!

Here's a 90 page account of someone who decided to go off the grid and disappear into the Canadian wilderness. While that is not the purpose of this course, it shows you how far these concepts can be taken. It was written by someone I personally know.