A quick video about who we are and how this website came to be.

My name is David Sieg. I'm a normal guy living a normal life in the Mid-West USA.

If you're like me you might be looking around. On any given day there are competing disasters happening all over the country. Floods on the Gulf Coast, wild fires in California.  You see what's going on, and wondering if the entire  food/water/shelter/energy paradigm is sustainable.

If we're on the right track, as a country, even as a species. If we keep going the way we are, something is going to have to give. Sooner or later. And if it does go off the rails, where does that leave you and your family?

The answer and dream for many is to live off the grid. Buy a few acres in the middle of nowhere , chuck the modern rat race, and start a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Many have done it, and it offers a lot of advantages. One of the disadvantages however is that it puts off starting the long process necessary sometime in the distant future.

What many off grid websites don't talk about is the high failure rate among people who do go off grid.

It sounds great but the truth is, it's not for everyone. One of the biggest barriers to overcome is the amount of knowledge and skill necessary to be able to live off the grid.

The truth is, you can "go off the grid" in any environment. Urban, suburban, or rural. It doesn't depend on finding the right property.

It is a lifestyle choice and a state of mind.

This website is about going off the grid in any environment. Urban, suburban, or rural. The emphasis however is mainly urban and suburban. Because let's face that is where most of us live.

The knowledge necessary is the same. But going off the grid in an urban and/or suburban setting is a lot easier. You put into the place the various aspects of life which you'll have to provide for yourself.

They are food, fuel, energy, and shelter.

Once you master the basics of those four things, you can go off the grid anywhere. Not to mention that you'll be saving a ton of money in the process. This website will walk you through the steps necessary.

Much of the information presented here is free. Some of the more in-depth or specialized information I charge a nominal price in order to keep the website going.

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I hope you join the free membership and see what this website has to offer.

I wish the very best to you and your family.

David Sieg