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DIY Indoor Aquaponics: A Method For Food Independence Or Survival

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Five Reasons to Enjoy DIY Indoor Aquaponics Gardening

An aquaponic system is an answer to the food shortage across the world. Aquaponics is an amazing design capable of producing fish and vegetables in a very small area. It combines hydroponics, best known as a method of growing plants without soil, with the agricultural technique of aquaculture, or raising fish.

An Aquaponics System Will Give Fresh Food and Fish Year Around

aquaponics system

Fresh fish are an important food source for people in the area. They also provide organic food for plants within the aquaponics system. The plants have an additional benefit besides the healthy food they provide to humans. A natural water filter, they help keep the habitat clean and healthy for the fish.

So How Does an Aquaponic System Work?

The water is cleaned and purified with the improved aquaponics systems design that adjusts ammonia, nitrites, and inorganic carbon dioxide. Composting red worms and microbes that serve as nitrifying bacteria thrive in the growing medium. The microbes attach themselves to the medium with a secreted sticky slime.

The worms break down organic matter such as decaying plants and convert it into compost or castings known as vermicompost. It is a nutritious food for the plants. Microbes typically do not use organic materials as food. Instead, they oxidize the high levels of ammonia from fish waste into nitrites and convert it to nitrates that provide them with energy. Their carbon requirements are met with CO2.

Water is returned to the fish tank after the natural filtration process is completed. A small amount of water should be added from time to time to replace water lost through evaporation.


Benefits of Aquaponics Systems

  1. All Organic Food With No Wastage
  2. You'll get fish and protein as a bonus.
  3. Aquaponics is very economical.
  4. Cleaner and no back-breaking weeding
  5. Easy and inexpensive to set-up

Aquaponics design lets each person or group select how their garden is going to look and how much effort is needed for its care. The following five reasons explain why aquaponics gardening is so enjoyable.

  • The fundamental element of fertilization is provided by the fish. Unlike traditional gardens, an aquaponics system cannot be over- or under-fertilized.
  • Decaying plants and fish effluent are converted into nutrients and used again. There is no such thing as “waste” in aquaponics.
  • Gardeners never have to worry about over-watering or under-watering. The initial amount of water is added in the beginning and just requires an occasional dose now and then. The aquaponics system uses less water than recirculating aquaculture or hydroponics and only a tenth of the amount required for soil-based gardening.
  • It is fun to harvest plants and feed the fish. It is also fun to know weeds seldom, if ever, appear in aquaponics gardens.
  • Building a waist-high garden reduces the need to bend over. There’s no need to strain your back to reach the garden area. The height discourages small animals from bothering the plants and fish.

Garden size is negotiable, making this type of garden available to anyone. It can be indoors or outdoors based on the climate. An aquaponics system is an uncomplicated way to provide a single family or entire neighborhood with organic, nutritious food.

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