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7 Facts You Need To Know About Hydroponic Herb Garden

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“Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.”

H. Jackson Browne

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7 Reasons why You Should Grow an hydroponic herb garden

Hydroponic herb garden: Herbs like thyme, chives, oregano, and rosemary are normally used in almost every household to add zest and flavor to any dish. But most people use dried herbs because they are less expensive than fresh herbs. Moreover, fresh herbs go stale before they are used. 

You can also buy fresh herbs from farmers or grocery market but you cannot be sure about the quality of the pre-packed herbs. Moreover, they are packaged in disposable plastic bags which are not good for health. So in this condition, it can be better to grow organic herbs in your garden and consume them fresh whenever required.

So when you have decided to grow herbs in your garden then to develop a hydroponic herb garden can be a good option for you. This garden can provide you the freshest herbs at a very low cost. But before developing this garden you must know some facts regarding this garden. Some of these facts are briefly discussed in this write-up for your consideration.

hydroponic herb garden

7 Facts about hydroponic herb gardens


Types of Hydroponic gardens

While developing a hydroponic herb garden the first fact you should know is that they are available in 6-7 subsets, with a number of variations in each category. Some of the commonly used forms of hydroponic systems may include:

  • Wick System Hydroponics: These are the easiest and simplest form of hydroponic plants in the world of hydroponics. This system is based on four components which can help you to use household items for building a functioning system readily. It is the best system for those who like to up-cycle and reuse things. This system is gaining popularity because you can choose from a number of materials to use in your hydroponic garden.
  • Drip System Hydroponics: This irrigation technique is the most water-efficient than traditional methods. Moreover, it adopts a plant growing system that needs the least amount of soil and is used to produce various types of herbs efficiently and easily by the people living in small apartments in the cities.
  • Ebb And Flow Hydroponics: The hydroponic plants of this type are also known as aquaponics or drain and flood hydroponics as they use biomaterials like fish waste nitrates as a medium to grow fast. But this variety is not for those who are not ready to use live fish in their garden.
  • Deep Water Culture Hydroponics: In this method of growing hydroponic plants, the plants are grown in a solution of nutrients and oxygenated water with their roots suspended instead of soil. Many drawbacks of the plants grown in soil are eliminated in this method. It offers larger crop yields as these plants grow at a faster speed.
  • Nutrient Film Technique or NFT hydroponics: It is the latest form of growing hydroponic plants as these plants are fed by a constantly flowing stream of liquid and their roots hang into the stream like dipping their toes gently in the stream of water. This technique of growing plants uses materials not used by the ancestors of the farmers.
  • Aeroponics: In this system of growing plants, the plants have their roots suspended in the air and they get nutrition from the solutions based on water sprayed or finely misted on their roots.

So you can choose the method of growing hydroponic plants as per your liking as well as suitability.

aeroponics system

Hydroponics gardens use up to 90% less water

A lot of water is wasted when you grow plants in soil in the traditional manner. On the other hand, hydroponic herb plants can grow successfully even after using up to 90% less water.

The water used in traditional gardening is not absorbed by the plants but is absorbed by the ground whereas the minerals and water used in the various hydroponic form of gardening are not wasted as they are recirculated. The water is lost only by evaporation.


Hydroponic plants can be grown throughout the year

 Hydroponic plants can be grown indoors throughout the year by using grow lights to improve their growth. So you can grow your herbs anytime and in any season in your hydroponic herb garden and harvest the freshest vegetables, fruits, and herbs all over the year.
indoor herb garden

 Hydroponic means faster growth of plants

Al the elements minimum required for the growth of plants can be delivered to the plants grown in a hydroponic system. The plants grown in soil have to depend on nutrients and water for their growth whereas hydroponic plants have to depend only on nutrients they get through different methods to optimize their growth.

They need not search for water and essential nutrients for their proper growth. This is one reason for which hydroponic plants grow up to 50% faster than soil plants.


Grow healthier plants with hydroponics

The plants grown with the hydroponic system are healthier than soil plants as they are less likely to have any disease that requires pesticides to cure it. In this way, these plants are more organic by nature as no weedkiller, pesticide or fungicide is used to treat them against any health problem.

Hydroponic Grow Systems

No weeding required

You need not worry about weeding your plants when they are not grown in soil. You need not look at your hydroponic herb garden, again and again, to find the growth of weeds in it as done by traditional gardeners and farmers. So, you have to work less for ensuring the growth of your plants in your hydroponic garden due to the absence of any weeds.


Complete control over the growth of your plants

The entire environment of your hydroponic herbal garden remains under your control as you can control the supply of nutrients, water, oxygen, temperature, light, and humidity required by them for their proper growth.

You can adjust their supply as per the requirement of your plants which increases the degree of your control on them. Moreover, you need not follow a strict program to grow a few herbs in your garden as compared to traditional farmers who have to increase the supply of everything to improve the growth of their plants.


Thus, by knowing a few facts about hydroponic gardening you can easily decide about developing a hydroponic herb garden in your apartment.

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