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Off Grid Cooling Systems and A/C

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The Benefits of Using Off Grid Cooling Systems

An off-grid cooling system is not just a luxury to have, but it is a necessity for your family and your health. If you choose to live off the grid, whether you generate power from solar, wind, water, or even geothermal sources, you need to make sacrifices to keep your energy consumption to a minimum.

If you want to consider using off-grid cooling systems, you need to plan your cooling solutions properly and consider all available options. Your cooling requirements could range from fans, refrigeration, food storage, and climate control. The same with heating systems, cooling systems drain your electrical system at a high rate.

Obviously, in an off-grid environment, you need to consider reducing your cooling systems' capacity. It means that you may need to look at changing your 2-HP air-conditioning system to a lower horsepower or downsizing your refrigeration units. It would be best if you choose energy-saving devices as well.

Off Grid Cooling Systems

Why use an off-grid cooling system

Many people dream of living this kind of lifestyle to get in touch with nature. An off-grid cooling system is necessary for them to succeed in this kind of lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons why you should use an off-grid cooling system for your home.


Environmental  benefits

Some people choose to live off the grid because they want to have adventures in their life. But if you are one of those who choose this lifestyle for a long-term deal, you should know that this lifestyle entails many environmental benefits.

The environment plays a vital role in this factor. You will have to be more mindful of the wind, water, and sunlight as they will be your energy sources for your off-grid cooling system. You will also live on the green, meaning that you need to lessen your dependency on high-power consumption appliances and increase your reliance on nature.

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Lower utility expenses

If you decide to use an off-grid cooling system for your off-the-grid lifestyle, you will surely notice a significant reduction in your electric bill. You can eliminate your other utility bills as well. Exploring alternative power sources such as water, wind, and solar power systems is a great way to reduce your overall cost of living.


Off Grid A/C Gives comfort


Off-grid cooling systems not only give you comfort on hot summer days. It also gives you comfort in your daily energy consumption. Because you use energy-saving cooling systems like inverters for your air conditioning units and refrigerators, it allows you to use other appliances you may need for other things because off-grid cooling systems consume little amount of energy.

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Renewable energy sources

Off-grid cooling rely on power sources such as solar, wind, water, and geothermal. All of these sources are 100% renewable. The sun gives solar energy as soon as it rises. Windmills get power from the constant blowing of winds. Bodies of water flow in hydroelectric plants and produce energy. Geothermal energy is based on the energy stored underneath the ground. These energy sources are not only renewable, but it can also be considered unlimited because of their enormity.


Safety and security

Using an off-grid cooling system means that you don't rely on the national grid to power your home. Because of this, you save yourself from the risk that electricity may give. You will be safe from fire hazards, electric line problems, and blackouts. Since you're using off-grid sources, rest assured that you won't lose energy at home.

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Makes you aware of resources

When it comes to using off-grid cooling systems, you should also be aware of the earth's resources and their value. Water, wind, and ground resources can contribute to generating energy for your home. You should know where it comes from and how it is produced so that you won't have any problems if you lose power from your off-grid sources.


Should you give up many appliances for off-grid cooling?

Suppose you have the ability to generate enough energy from your off-grid energy sources such as solar panels or windmills. In that case, you don't need to give up your other appliances to support off-grid cooling systems. Remember to keep your average daily consumption of about 10 kW/hr per day because this is the standard that most off-grid users do. One-third of the average off-grid users in developed countries do not know about this, and they encounter energy consumption problems in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. They usually run out of energy and do not use their cooling systems as intended.

There are different solutions to these problems, like considering the use of kerosene refrigeration for food storage. Clean burning kerosene is environment-friendly, but it can cause additional expenses. Using a highly efficient inverter refrigerator would be a better solution for most off-grid cooling users. An inverter refrigerator consumes less energy than a regular refrigerator, and it stores your perishables better as well.

Air cooling units should use inverter systems than the regular window-type air conditioning units. For the same reason as refrigerators, an inverter air conditioning unit saves you more energy, which is essential when living an off-grid lifestyle. Living off the grid doesn't mean you have to eliminate all of your devices and appliances that you are using daily. You will only reduce your reliance on high-energy consumption devices and invest more in power-saving cooling instruments that decreases the strain on your electricity generation system.


You should know that every home has different needs. Make sure to find the right answer for your basic needs. Don't be afraid to experiment and think outside the box for other solutions to off-grid cooling systems. If you want to continue using this system in your home, you need to forget about having an extravagant lifestyle with many perks included.

Many power sources could power up your off-grid cooling system. Whether you choose to go solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, or wind power, it is essential to plan your energy consumption per day so that you can efficiently use your cooling system along with your other appliances.

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