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Getting Started Off Grid

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For most of us the old saying, 'the first step is the hardest', really does apply to living off the grid.

This is a big step for you and your family to consider.

We know it certainly was for us.

But getting started does not have to be difficult. There are lots of little steps you can take if you are not comfortable with a plunge. Some of us like to test the water by sticking our toes in first. Others run right in. It is up to you to decide which one you are, and what's best for you in learning how to live off the grid.

One of the most important steps you can take is to look at available land in your area, or in the area you are thinking of. Hey, it does not hurt to look. Pack a lunch, visit a real estate agent, or use on of the online land resources and go have a look.

You will know pretty quick if living off the grid is for you. Spend a few hours, or a weekend exploring around.

Try to stay away from the obvious vacation destinations, as these are usually very overpriced. Although some acreage is available in these areas too.

There are also catalog services that put out listings in the U.S and Canada.

They offer maps and all sorts of practical advice for getting started, although most of them think you will only use it for recreational purposes. Let them think what they will, the only real question is, will it work for you.

Another great alternative is to rent a piece of land. Not necessarily off the grid, even an odd piece of a farmer's field that he does not use, or is difficult to work with large farm machinery. Surprisingly an acre of land can be rented for as little as $100 per year, and even less.

Grow a garden, you will be sure to learn a lot and profit from the food you grow and the experience you gain.

Campsites can be rented the same way. Just be sure to tell the owner exactly what you are doing, and the resources you are using.

Living off the land is much easier in the summer, with berries, and all sorts of things to eat, fish, and hunting in season. This is another option, just get out into the outdoors. You don't have to start homesteading right away, just learn how to get started.

Getting your feet wet is probably the hardest part.

Well, the hardest part will be explaining this to your spouse probably, unless they are of the same mindset. That is why you are a couple in the first place, right? You don't have to like all of the same things, but your life direction should be the same, that is the basis of a long term relationship.

In the end it is the journey that is important, and having someone you love along during the early stages of getting started living off the grid is important.

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