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Off Grid Shower: Homemade and Store Bought Solutions

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“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”

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5 Types of Off Grid Showers

The ideal way to shower without electricity is to set up an off grid shower. You can’t stay dirty simply because of lack of power. In order to stay clean and healthy, use basic knowledge to set up an outdoor shower during camping or emergencies. Read on to learn about our ideas and the 5 types of outdoor and off grid camping showers you can choose from.

Preppers have a series of camping showers to choose from. Basic designs can be converted to outside showers systems during camping or emergencies. There are several reasons it is important to set up these types of showers besides the need to stay clean.

  • Epidemics and Quarantines: The outbreak of swine flu, bird flu and other types of pandemics may force you to shower separately and outside before entering a home so that others shouldn’t be infected. An outside shower is another feature that constitutes a part of a quarantine setup in preparation for a pandemic.
  • Electromagnetic Pulse: A lot of people are not aware that in the absence of electricity, there’s no way you can take a shower due to an Electromagnetic pulse attack.
  • Nuclear contamination: You definitely have to rinse off contamination in case of a nuclear dust from a nuclear attack before setting foot into your home. Whatever you bring into your home risks having nuclear particles which you must ensure that they stay nowhere close to your family. To stay clean before entering your house, setting up an outdoor shower inside your garage is necessary.
Off grid shower

5 types of off grid showers


Bucket shower ( Navy Shower)

A bucket shower which is also called a navy shower is a good way for preppers to conserve water. This short shower is used in the military as a simple system. It consists of getting wet, turning off the shower, lathering up, turning the shower back on and rinsing quickly. 

This system is how to avoid wasting precious water in the showering ritual. This actually means using only a bucket of water if all is done well.

 You can convert a bucket or sink of water into a stream of an instant shower using the YPS possible outdoor camping shower. 

It comes with a showerhead that comprises of a simple flow rate which is both comfortable and gentle for use by babies, seniors, and pets. It has a shower head you can attach to any flat surface using the provided suction cup. 

With its S-style hook, the shower hangs safely overhead. It has a USB rechargeable battery via a laptop, computer or car adapter. When fully charged, its usage duration can last for 50 to 60 minutes.

Solar shower

A solar shower is an ideal and simple means of keeping clean in the absence of running hot water during camping or long-term emergency preparation. Using a Solar shower, you can easily have a quick rinse with a gravity system plus the sun. It is an easy way to stay clean emergency.

solar shower
solar shower

Portable tankless water heater

To warm a camping shower, use a portable tankless water heater.

Camp chef portable water heater

The Camp Chef Triton Water Heater is an ideal portable tankless water heater that can also be made a permanent fixture in your backyard or any proper location for outside shower.

Whether you’re swimming in the pool, relaxing at a family camping trip, or the lake, sometimes a hot shower is very much something you need. Simply getting a garden hose attached, hot water will be the result in a short time. The rate at which the Triton Water Heater gets the water hot in a minute is higher than all other units in its category.

Coleman Portable Tankless Water Heater: Using the Coleman portable water heater means that you are guaranteed to have hot water anytime anywhere you need it. This is a heater powered by propane, and it dispenses hot water in just 30 seconds.

The only role you need to play is that of connecting the pump to the available 5 gallons of water carrier, connecting the hoses, dialing in your temperature for your water to reach a heat temperature of 54 F and a maximum temperature reaching 125 F. It makes perfect water for washing the dishes, or preparing a hot beverage.

When it comes to taking a shower outdoors, it’s absolutely perfect. Simply place the head of the shower in the holder like on a sink faucet. Also, detaching it in order to use one similar to a handheld sprayer with the non-kink hose of 6-foot.

It also comes with a lithium-ion battery designed for charging on your car outlet. With this charger, an electric pump and led display are powered. When it’s time to pack up, you will just have to disconnect the hoses, storing all the stuff in a mesh bag pending another time.

coleman shower

Weed sprayer pressurized shower

If you go for a weed sprayer pressured shower, then you’re dealing with an upgrade on the off-grid living. You can make this pressurized shower by starting with any new and standard weed sprayer.

 It is a brilliant set up that involves using a shower hose, as well as a low flow shower nozzle, shower wand and a valve. Doing this fun, off-grid project is not difficult for you.

Whether its Spring showers, April showers or whatever time of the year, outdoor showers can make your camping or outdoor life pretty comfortable if you prepare well.

weed sprayer shower

 Pop up tent off grid shower

Among the most sophisticated outdoor showers is the amazing homestead shower, available at Amazon.com. It’s the one in the "dry cabin" that has no running water. Inventively they came up with an off grid shower that allows for just a bit of privacy.

Let your new camping adventure offer you some practical comfort with the Ozark Trail Shower Tent. The outdoor essential is designed such that taking it down can be pretty quick and simple due to the great pre-attached on-the-spot frame design. It comes along with a 5-gallon solar shower plus heating water that reaches comfortable temperatures with the use of natural light.

The tent comprises a portable shower of 2 rooms that features a distinct room for changing and keeping utilities and your clothes dry. Mesh panels provide enough ventilation, and with a mesh drain in the shower, water evacuation is quicker. Besides, there are 2 windows to provide natural light as well as a towel rack and a toiletry holder to use for handiness.

pop up shower tent

Pop Up Privacy Tent – Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent, Camp Toilet, Changing Room, Rain Shelter with Window – for Camping and Beach – Easy Set Up, Foldable with Carry Bag – Lightweight and Sturdy


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There are a variety of ways available to keep clean as well as conserve water resources. As always it is up to you to consider your situation and plan for the best possible outcome.

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