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Modern Homesteading: 8 Realistic Ways To Achieve Your Goals

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“​​​I make myself rich by making my wants few.”

​​​Henry David Thoreau

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​8 realistic ways ​you can start being modern homesteader

Are you dreaming of becoming a modern homesteader? It is something that looks like you are under the sun feeding your cattle around the farm and doing different kinds of stuff while being independent.

But there is a problem, how will you manage such a lifestyle? And most important, how will you pay the bills when they appear every month?

This is the biggest question every homesteader has in their minds and it is the most regularly asked questions on the internet. So how will you become a homesteader?

Well, you may find some luck by reading this article although these are mere suggestions for modern homesteading. You may have your own way to make it and some ideas may not work for you. Either way, let’s hope that some of the tips might be helpful to you.

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​Stop gathering debt:

​Many modern homesteaders will advise you to get rid of any debt before taking the plunge of being a homesteader. It may be a smart idea, but a few people may not have that luxury.

A person may be a hardworking husband and struggling to meet both ends with three children to feed, yet dreaming about being a homesteader. The reason for homesteading for this person may be they were self-sufficient and owed less money.

If you are in a similar condition, you can stop accruing debt. You can sign up with some agency that will negotiate your debt up to a reasonable price so that you can afford to pay off each month. This is the best way to get out of debt.

Keep in mind to negotiate your debt and make sure that all the accounts were closed and thus within a few years all your debts will be gone and that will provide you a huge relief.

​Therefore, in order to become a modern homesteader, you will have to stop living beyond your means. The biggest concept of homesteading lies in living inside your means.
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Make a ​Plan to get rid of debt:

​As mentioned earlier you need to get yourself out of debt if you are in it. Perhaps you should develop a habit to live on a meager budget considering the fact that your paycheck would be tiny.

Plan your budget around the smallest amount and pay the rest to adjust those debts. To sum up things, you need to keep an eye on the expenses, create a budget and evolve a plan that will get you out of debt.


Visualize your modern homesteading dream

You need to visualize that homesteading is not about living a life in a simple and slow manner consisting of playing with goats, feeding the chickens, making different pieces of stuff and away from all the troubles of the world.

This is where you need to wake up. The golden days are no more where people used to trade animal skins to keep their property. In the real world, you have to pay property taxes.

You just have to look differently and can do things like washing clothes by hand, growing a garden, canning your own food, etc. and pay the bills that will eventually come. This is the only way to develop a homesteading mindset.

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​Work a job:

It is a good idea to keep a job and remember that you don’t have to quit your job to fulfill your dream. You can work from morning until afternoon and use the time after to become independent. You can provide healthy foods to your family and paying the bills that come along.

However, if you are debt-ridden and keep the bills low enough, you can get away with some part-time jobs. A small job can work wonders with homesteading.


​Working from home:

You may have a town job to help you in homesteading but if you are a college graduate there are numerous ways to generate stable income to meet special circumstances. If you possess the desired knowledge and skill there are endless options of specific jobs.

There are a lot of works you can do like telephone work, becoming a virtual assistant, starting your personal blog, becoming a babysitter or running a daycare from your home. There are many jobs available.

If writing is your forte, then you can write blogs and earn some money. But if your requirement demands quick money, then you must go for content mills. At least there will be income coming in.

The internet is crawling with freelance writing jobs and you can find an easy way to locate new clients to receive some writing works. Those websites will help you to make both ends meet.

There is another way to get closer to this writing culture by submitting your works to websites that will publish your articles. You may not receive any money from them, but it is a great way to start and build your resume for a better tomorrow.

Working from home has the flexibility you may need with homesteading and making an income along the way.

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​Sell your ​produce:

It is quite obvious that any extra produce from your property can be a potential income. You can earn money in the traditional way while becoming a urban homesteader.

Go ahead and cultivate some extra plants, raise some vegetables and sell the new-born of your livestock. By doing so you can earn enough money that will help to pay those bills.

Remember to advertise your products by placing signboards on the road, or through social media, or by setting up a stand in the local market.


​Raise livestock:

Consider raising grass-fed ​chickens or goats if you have an abundance of land. Remember that livestock can fetch you a high price when sold. You can sell the cows or calves at auction or even sell the cow for beef.

Since you have a large land, you can feed it with pasture.


Generate multiple income streams:

This is opted by many modern homesteaders. They create several income sources so that if one fails the others might compensate.

 You will have to decide the different ways of generating income that suits you the best.


It will be a joyous moment that will come from hard work, patience, nurturing and developing something that most people will take for granted. The aforesaid skills may sound exciting but it can be a daunting task for modern homesteading.

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