How To Cut Your Electric Bill by 50% to 75%, With No Loss Of Comfort, in 3 Months or Less.

Doing simple week end tasks the whole family can enjoy.

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  • Reduce your home energy utility bills by 50% to 75%. (Putting that money back in your pocket)
  • I've written this in simple English which means you won't need an engineering degree to understand it.
  • Add $100's of dollars a month back into your budget. (Where it should be)
  • Get the US government and utility companies to pay for energy energy upgrades. (Let taxes work for you for a change)
  • Simple weekend projects that the whole family can enjoy doing.  
  • Home Energy Made Easy

    This online course is about taking back control and saving $100's  of dollars a month in home heating and cooling expenses. With videos, online presentations and .pdf's this course will walk you through your home, exposing all the areas which are hemorrhaging money in utility cost. 

    Maybe this sounds like your situation...

    • Lost your job and was forced to "restructure?"  (Restructure properly now and you won't worry about it ever again)
    • At a dead-end job but can't quit? (Have you ever felt anything that feels as good as quitting a crappy job?)
    • Owe too much and can't get away from the interest payments? (You're not alone and it's a deliberately set trap to keep  you in bondage forever. Learn how to Break free)
    • You are concerned about the rising cost of utilities and basic necessities to live.
    • You are concerned about global warming and want to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint.
    • Did the pandemic knock you on your financial ass and now you have to build from the ground up? (Then you're lucky because now you can build smarter, stronger, and say good-bye to the storms of a bad economy.)
    • You want to know quickest and easiest methods of saving energy dollars without expensive upgrades.
    • Tired of being a slave to profit-driven corporations squeezing every last dollar out of you? (The system is designed to make you spend as much money as possible on things you don't want or need. Turn the 

    See How Easily You Can Start Saving On Your Utility Bill

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    Augustus Ford
    - Architect

    I like the straightforwardness of the instructor.

    He is honest in his approach and doesn't try to be flashy. I like that. It makes me more receptive.

    Nicole Marie Vandeveer
    - Vancouver


    ...this guy will save the world one day.

    Jackie Davis
    - Marketing

    I really enjoyed this course...

    David explains how to effectively save money but still live a high quality life. Already shared this info with my friend and he is saving money to.