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Living Off the Grid Does Not Have To Mean Moving To a Remote Location

living off the grid

Summary: Living off the grid Living off the grid doesn’t have to mean moving to some remote location. You’ve probably heard people talking about it and wondered exactly what that meant. There are a lot of people who want to change their lifestyle and live off the grid these days. It is a chance to live […]

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Our Self Sufficient Garden

organic farming

Our Self Sufficient GardenThis past summer has been rather hectic and stressful for Jane and I at our off grid home. It is not a matter of things we created ourselves but reactions from friends and family to our new found confidence with our choice of living off the grid.It might seem strange to you […]

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Growing Chickens


It may seem strange but one of the things we enjoy most about living off the grid is growing chickens. Strange that the simple act of keep a few birds should be so liberating or make us feel good about our decisions but it does. You see, before we moved we could not keep chickens at our […]

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Emergency Preparedness Checklist


While living off the grid for the past 17 years we have added a lot of items to our emergency preparedness checklist. Virtually every minute we are prepared, and we have seen a lot of different weather events that leads us to believe that an emergency could be around just about any corner and occur just […]

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