Living Off the Grid Does Not Have To Mean Moving To a Remote Location

living off the grid

Summary: Living off the grid

off grid living

Living off the grid doesn't have to mean moving to some remote location. You've probably heard people talking about it and wondered exactly what that meant. There are a lot of people who want to change their lifestyle and live off the grid these days.

It is a chance to live more naturally and to use less energy and to eat foods that are more natural and more wholesome. It doesn't matter where you live. It is a state of mind.

It's not at all difficult to store your own electricity in car batteries, to make your own power, or to grow your own food. These things take time and some training but in the end run, you may be far better off than you are now.

Cut your expenses down and your personal choices go up.

It's that simple.

In order to effectively live off the grid, it doesn't require some type of country dwelling or out of the city housing. In many cases, city laws or codes dictate that you must be part of the main grid and if you are not, the area housing authority, the city codes and other ordinances may be violated and you're going to be penalized for that.

In which case, accept the dictates of your environment, but there is nothing that says you have to use them. The ideas on this website will drastically reduce your footprint. If you can get the utilities to PAY YOU, or whittle them down to a few dollars a month, then you've the turned the game on its head. Besides, on grid utilities are great as a back-up power system. Make the utilities work for you.

hydroponics system

The same with food. Food didn't use to be much of an expense, now however, it is. A family of four can easily consume $500 per month in food. By growing your own food hydroponically, indoors or outdoors, You can put a large portion of that $500 back in your pocket.

Take hydroponics one step further with aquaponics and you can add enough protein to your plate to feed your family AND your neighbors.

Many cities and suburbs allow chickens. Another great way to get meat on the table. ​Chickens can give you organic compost for your garden, eggs, and endless entertainment. Seriously, chickens are a blast to watch. Children love them. They are also easily domesticated.

off grid communities

Believe it or not there are off the grid communities that are cropping up all over the country.

Oregon has Three Rivers and Breitenbush near Salem offers another. Virginia features Twin Oaks off the grid commmunity while North Carolina has Earth Haven. Arizona offers Arcosanti Ecovillage and Missouri has the Possibility Alliance where community members share the work, farm and cook with sunshine. Not everyone lives there year round but some people do.

If you're lucky enough to live off the grid completely...

If you're going to be living off the grid completely you will need land where you can install a septic system legally and where you can have a well to get your water. You will absolutely need a water holding device as well as a way to store the energy that you create so investing in generators and storage devices will be a necessity for off the grid living.

Choose a place that can offer you wind energy or solar energy or where you can use water to make power. Selecting an area that is sunny and has frequent breezes and a good water source nearby is essential.

Typically living off the grid means making your own food, your own water and your own energy and finding a way to store and preserve all of those things. There are some wonderful possibilities today for livng off the grid and still being able to maintain a normal lifestyle with the power, the communications and the other tools that you need. Explore your options to see if you can live off the grid and get started today.

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