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Off Grid Toilet: 5 Types To Consider When You Gotta Go


“​​​If you’re embarking around the world in a hot-air balloon, don’t forget the toilet paper.”​​​Sir Richard Branson ​When it comes to an off grid toilet, you’ll have several choices, but before getting into that, Our ancestors grew up without state of the art toilets, but today, not even the most hardcore supporter of off grid […]

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Off Grid Shower: Your 5 Options To Choose From

solar shower

“​​​The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”​​​Marie Kondo ​5 Types of Off Grid ​ShowersThe ideal way to shower without electricity is to set up an o​ff grid shower. You can’t stay dirty simply because of lack of power. In order to stay clean and healthy, […]

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Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems: Choosing The Right One

geothermal systems

​​​​​​What are Geothermal heating and cooling systems?Geothermal heating and cooling ​systems harnesses the Earth’s heat. Just a few feet below the surface, the Earth maintains a near-constant temperature, in contrast to the summer and winter extremes of the ambient air above ground. Farther below the surface, the temperature increases at an average rate of approximately […]

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Solar Water Heater: An Overview of the Basic Systems

solar water heater

Click Video to Watch Audio Download Video Download Transcript Download Course Summary: Solar Water Heater ​An investment in a solar water heater will beat the stock market any day, any decade, risk free. Initial return on investment is on the order of 15 percent, tax-free, and goes up as gas and electricity prices climb. Solar […]

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Heat Your Home Naturally With Passive Solar Heating

passive solar heating

Click Video to Watch Follow Course Summary: Passive Solar Heating Heating accounts for over one-third of your energy consumption. Passive Solar heating can be as simple, or as complex, as you want it to be. But getting a simple passive solar heating system, enough to heat one or more rooms, can be done in an […]

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