3 Reasons Off Grid Homes Rock

off grid homes

Summary: Off Grid Homes

Off grid homes may seem like the perfect idea in terms of sustainability and independence. If you’ve ever considered off grid homes or even building your own off the grid cabin, you’re probably have at least some idea about the main reasons why such decisions make sense.

The first and the most important question to ask yourself is why you want to live off the grid. Needless to say, the decision will produce an array of important benefits.

off grid homes

3 reasons why an off grid home is something to consider

​Environmental benefits

Many people that choose off the grid homes do so for environmental reasons. This is one of the most prominent driving forces behind the movement.

Off the grid real estate uses less energy and a lot of it comes from renewable sources. Traditional utilities have a massive carbon footprint. Both electricity production and electricity transmission have a huge impact on the environment.

Owning Your Own Off Grid Home

Large quantities of resources like water and fossil fuels are needed in the process and the way in which traditional energy production affects climate change has already been established.

Off grid homes rely predominantly on renewable energy sources. Even urban and suburban homes can drastically reduce their energy consumption. When you reduce your energy/heating/cooling requirements money starts flowing back into your pocket. And you'd be amazed at the savings. I went from $500 per month utility bill down to $75. That's $425 a month I was no longer giving to a utility. With no loss of comfort.

Off grid homes are green, convenient and practical to use. The only downside is that a preliminary investment will be required to set the installation up. Even that can be minized to an acceptable degree.


solar panel RV

The second most important benefits of owning an off grid home is the independence from the huge monopolies responsible for utility provision and the respective pricing policies.

Utility outages aren’t too common in the Western world but they do take place. Consumers are also subjected to changes in the terms and conditions of service provision. Many people have both philosophical and practical reasons to seek independence from these huge companies and refrain from using their services. Opting for off the grid homes makes this possible.


Depending on the energy-production method chosen, going off the grid can be an incredibly cost-efficient decision.

It’s interesting to point out that the cost of solar panels has gone down by 60 percent since 2011. Depending on the location, solar panels can pay for themselves completely in a period ranging from seven to 15 years. Incentives and paybacks reduce the period even further.

Currently, the average household in the US spends approximately 54 percent of its budget on utilities, Energy.gov reports. Electricity bills contribute to 34 percent of the amount.

The cost of living off the grid depends entirely on the amenities that you’d like to have. Some people go completely “primitive” and get rid of all modern conveniences. Others still want to have electricity and an environment-friendly heating system.

off grid homes

Still others prefer living in urban and suburban settings. They enjoy the benefits that come with modern life.

And that's OK.

The point is, you maintain the positive aspects you like or want, while minimizes the negative aspects in a way that benefits you.

Whichever option is chosen, off the grid homes allows for much more budget-friendly living than standard real estate.

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