Off Grid Organic Farming

organic farming
​Summary:  Off Grid Organic Farming

For most people, the decision to live off the grid is triggered by economics. Other times you'll find that people are into a more natural state of living. Organic farming and self-sustaining ways are key to this way of life.

Some of the things that you would be doing if you decided to live off the grid would be using things such as wood burning stoves, solar power, low energy light bulbs, propane, wood burning cook stoves, wood burning furnaces, and more. It's not a decision to be taken lightly and it does take a determined person to live this lifestyle.

organic farming

Living off the grid can be a seriously big change for you because you will essentially be changing your entire way of life. You already know to use low energy light bulbs, but you won't be using a dishwasher anymore or any other electrical kitchen appliance.

You'll be using cold water as much as you can for almost everything too. Some people go so far as to use compost toilets as well. It comes down to living off the land as much as possible and utilizing everything around you.

How To Get Off The Grid

You can still have your TV and computers, but they will need to be used sparingly. All power bars need to be turned off after use so as not to use up all of your stored solar power. Using candles and making your own soap is also part of your new life.

Farming, itself relies on greenhouses as well as regular gardens. Those are just plants. When living off grid you should consider every avenue. This means that having indoor fish ponds, goats, cattle, and other animals are now a big part of your world. With this new life, you will gain a new respect for how we used to live.

You'll also have peace of mind knowing that your food and your water aren't filled with hormones, pesticides, and other unwanted chemicals and medications.

You should know that your organic farming is very important for your living style. You will be starting your plants in your greenhouse and planting them in the spring, but you'll also be keeping many plants and vegetables in your greenhouse through the winter.

urban gardening

It's work, but it's good, clean, and honest work. There will be no more electric bills, gas bills, and water bills. You'll be freer than you've ever been in your life. You will never fully know the restraints that you have on you until the begin to fall away.

If you're not looking to live completely off the grid, but instead want to start out with something smaller, you can still use solar panels to save on electric and take part in urban farming. Many people plant gardens all the time in their backyard's and on rooftops in major cities. Growing your own beans and canning them is still considered organic farming as long as you're not using pesticides and your soil is clean.

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