How Effective Is Your Off Grid Solar System?

off grid solar system
​Summary: How Effective is an Off Grid Solar System?

Sunlight is the cleanest and most abundant energy resource that can be found on earth, so it is somewhat surprising that it is so underutilized. While residential off grid solar systems have existed for a number of years, there are relatively few households that have chosen to incorporate completely off gird solar arrays, or even hybrid systems.

off grid solar system

If you’re considering reducing your reliance on commercial and inherently unclean energy sources, then off grid solar power could well be the best solution. From electricity for electronics and cooking, to lighting, and even water systems, solar power can provide the energy that you need to live comfortably, although you will need to make some changes.

Solar Systems Require Lifestyle Changes for Most Households

There are a number of considerations to make before investing in off grid solar systems. You need to consider your basic energy needs, and the hours of sunlight that are typical in your geographic location.

With the average house consuming almost 30kW/hr of electricity per day, 30 solar panels would require a full day of sunlight (in ideal conditions) to meet the energy requirements. Of course, choosing to go off the grid will usually mean some lifestyle changes, specifically because you won’t have the same regular supply of electricity that you would if you were connected to the local utility grid.

home energy consumption

Small changes, like eliminating air conditioners, using solar water heating, and eliminating power hungry appliances like microwave ovens, can all reduce the total daily consumption. For many families living off the grid, 10kW/hr of electricity per day is an achievable goal.

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When choosing an off grid solar system, it will be necessary to incorporate an energy storage solution. A battery array can store excess power for use in the evenings, or as a backup on days when generation is below expected levels.

The average inverter and battery system can potentially store up to 30 kW/hr, which will provide energy in an efficient home for up to three days. If your power requirements are higher, then systems can be customized to generate and store more electricity, but it will be important to find a good balance so that costs are not prohibitive.

If you want to reduce your environmental impact, off grid solar system represents one of the most effective ways to power your home with clean energy. However, it’s not as simple as installing a system and then living as you always have.

When you generate your own electricity, every kW/hr will be highly valuable, and an off grid a solar system will be most rewarding when you learn to reduce your overall consumption by slowly making your home more efficient, and less reliant on powered devices and appliances.

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