​Summary: Algae Biodiesel

Some theorists believe that having algae biodiesel as an alternate fuel source is vital to us. The reasons for this are because if something should ever happen; such as a crash in the economy or even an event that kills our electronics, this particular fuel will become paramount if we have no access to fossil fuels.

algae backyard biopond

One such biofuel is the making of algae biofuels. The process isn't easy because you have to extract the oil from the plant and algae isn't a large plant. However, there is a lot of it in one place and grows fairly quickly.

To make a algae biodiesel you need to extract the oil from any plant that you're trying to use. Making algae biofuels at home is possible if you know what you need to do.

You can make biodiesel a lot easier if you buy ready-pressed oil, but let's be honest, if you really need to have this for your fuel source, then the chances of running out and buying it are slim to none if things go south wherever you're located.

What you'll need to do is learn how to make this fuel the long and drawn out way. Why algae? Certain species of algae give over 50% of their biomass in oil. If you think corn and sunflowers are the way to make your oil, you 'll be shocked to learn just how much algae can yield. Per acre, sunflowers make 102 gallons of oil, corn-18, and this awesome little plant can make anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000. Pretty impressive, right?

making algae biofuels

As stated above, it's not an easy process and it also requires some investment. To make the oil you'll need the equipment and chemicals needed to do so. You're also going to need to spend some time learning how to extract those oils.

There's another upside to farming algae and using it for your fuel. You can grow it in ponds and just about any standing amount of water.

Some algae's yield a higher oil content than others and since there are hundreds of different kinds of algae, you should learn which ones are the best for this venture. That way making algae biodiesel will continue to pay off for you.

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