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Build Solar Panels for Off Grid Living

If you want a simple system for meeting your energy needs when you begin living off the grid then building solar panels is probably your best answer.

We learned how to build solar panels over 16 years ago and have seen many designs and plans. Some good some not so good.

What does 16 years of experience give you? Thorough testing of every possible solar panel plans.

If you want to be successful with off grid living, and your family depends on it, then using the right plans is essential.

Yes, we have recently been inundated with those internet marketing types who have bombarded the marketplace with untested and unreliable solar panel plans.

Do these people live with their designs day in and day out? In all sorts of weather? No they don't.

When your power needs depend on you, and your abilities, then you have to get it right the first time.

You would not possibly expect to continue living off the grid if you had built and installed your solar panels wrong?

We have seen plans that claimed to be tested and produced 115 volts DC, and then claimed to be producing 24 volts. The wiring was all wrong, and it simply did not work. Yet they continue to sell these inferior plans.

And people keep buying them, we wondered why?

Why would a family invest in plans with a company that their future would be riding on? It did not seem like a hard question to answer, but it was.

It turns out that only 3% of all people who purchase the plans will actually do the work. Astounding! That isn't you is it?

But an amazing 9 out of every 10 customers of these inferior solar panel plans for living off the grid actually get around to building a solar panel.

That is what we want to change.

The way to do that? I don't know about you, but Jane and I get a lot out of watching diy programming on TV. How to build interesting projects, how to cook better, we love them all.

After much consideration we have decided that this is the best way for people to learn. By watching TV, or in this case watching instructional videos about off grid living that will guide you through the process.

9 out of 10 not building the projects to help their family? Not anymore.

You don't have to read the book (although it is recommended).

You don't have to go to some silly how to class put on by some dry boring lecturer at your local college. (We have sat in on some boring stuff in the past) They tried, but as Jane is fond of saying 'trying is lying'. And she is right.

We don't want you to just try, we want you to succeed, to change your life. And that can easily start with building solar panels for living off the grid.

Stay tuned, our next post will show you exactly how to begin.

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