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Top 9 Gadgets to Reduce Electric Bill

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“In Europe and Asia tankless water heating is the norm. The USA wastes so much energy.”

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Everybody wants to conserve energy and lower their electricity bill, but where to begin is a difficult question that many people have no ready answers to. A professional home audit can be expensive, and you may have to wait weeks for the specialist to arrive.

Read our guide on gadgets to reduce electric bill and cut your energy consumption at the same time.

8 Smart Devices and Gadgets to Reduce Electric Billing

Smart gadgets are the best illustration of inexpensive smart technology. These gadgets are widely available at most tech stores, are inexpensive, and have a payback period of less than three years. With a minimal initial investment, you may automate various functions around your home to reduce your energy bill and ensure that the most energy is used.

Consider the following smart and energy-efficient technologies for lowering your energy costs:

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Solar Panels

Solar panels, by far the most expensive device to lower electric bill on our list, can help offset up to 100% of your energy demand. This technology harnesses sunlight to transfer electrons in its sensitive circuitry, resulting in free current to replace the pricey one you pay to your local utility company.

Solar panels are adaptable and expandable. They are easily scalable because you may buy as many modules as you want or need, and are suitable for any surface. There are even flexible solar panels that can be mounted on your RV's roof.

Solar panels are getting increasingly affordable, with prices dropping by more than 80% in the last 15 years. Likewise, solar panels can offset some or all of your energy consumption. Solar panels also produce SRECs, which can be sold on an SREC market. They can be paired with a solar battery to enable true off-grid life, and they can be linked to the grid, in which case the grid acts as a battery. In addition, solar panels provide numerous other advantages.

Gadgets to Reduce Electric Bill

Thermostats with Programmable Functions

Your programmable thermostats are the next best reduce electric bill device, and they can save you a lot of money. These thermostats function similar to traditional thermostats, with one major difference: they can modify the temperature setting on their own based on your energy demands at the time.

Clever thermostats are actually smart gadgets. They save you money on both heating and cooling bills: some of them can even learn on their own and automate saving money for you.

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Energy Monitors

Also known as energy use monitors, energy monitors can help you save even more energy by informing you of how you use energy, and which of your appliances consumes the most energy in your home. Energy monitors, unlike programmed thermostats, can be connected into any wall socket. The device to be monitored is then hooked into the monitor.

The monitor measures energy usage when the device to lower electric bill is turned on. This enables you to know where your energy is going, conserve energy, and reduce your energy expenses.

One option to reduce your power expenses with an energy monitor is to replace an old equipment that consumes more energy than it should. Another option is to adjust the time when the appliance is in use, so that it only consumes electricity during off-peak hours.

smart power strips

Smart Power Strips

Smart power strips can track energy consumption and turn off appliances and devices. When the energy consumption drops, it indicates that the gadget is in standby mode.

Today, there is a technique to turn off this vampire consumption automatically. You may save even more money by connecting as many appliances as possible to the smart power strip - they are ideal for the home office or for entertainment centers.

LED lights

LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are next on our list of gadgets to reduce electric bill. Because each incandescent light bulb consumes up to 130 watts of power, the overall portion of your utility bill that you pay for lights only might be shockingly large - up to 30%. LED light bulbs should be installed to avoid these exorbitant expenditures.

LED light bulbs consume up to 90% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. Making the switch to this new technology can help you save money. If you buy smart light bulbs, you will be able to change the color of the light as well as the amount of light - all with the help of your smartphone or even automatically.

Using LED bulbs in combination with smart light switches is another approach to save electricity. These switches have a motion detection feature, and can turn on lights whenever someone enters the room. When no one is around, the lights switch off automatically, so you'll never have to worry about forgetting to turn off the lights, even when away on vacation.


Tankless Water Heater

A tank-style water heater will dissipate part of the heat contained in the water in some way. However, there is a way to compensate for this energy loss. A tankless water heater might help you save money by only heating water as needed. This will keep you from spending more money than necessary.

eco chargers

Eco Chargers

When normal chargers are plugged in, they use electricity. To reduce vampire consumption, some firms have developed eco chargers, which are unique chargers that use less energy while not in use. There are models that can entirely cut off their energy use. However, they are more expensive smart devices.


Smart Windows

Not as affordable as some of the other gadgets to reduce electric bill on our list, smart windows are still an excellent method to cut your energy consumption. There are numerous types of smart windows available. While some can generate electricity due to embedded solar cells, others include smart gadgets and unique films that can make them more opaque or translucent, based on the time of day and your needs.

Smart windows, for instance, can assist in heating your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. They help your home heat up passively by allowing more light in the winter days. They help keep your house cool by blocking light in the mornings and nights during the summer.

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home energy made easy
home energy made easy