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Hydroponic Growing Systems: Growing Plants Without Pests

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“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. ”

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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why You Should be Growing in an hydroponic system

Hydroponic systems are your perfect solution for small space gardens. Hydroponics is a growing technology where growing plants in water instead of soil and is a much more sustainable way to grow plants. It's great for space constraints and when space is a bit of a problem.

Why should we choose hydroponics instead of traditional way of growing plants?

- It's a lot more effective

- The nutrient solution is concentrated

- It requires less water

- Plants grow much quicker (if not instant)

- Most of all it's environmentally friendly

indoor hydroponics

Facts about small hydroponic grow system


You need to be more creative and innovative than your non hydroponic friends. You will be amazed at the results you can get using hydroponics. There are also a lot more options available to you.

It is not only for indoor plants. The technology is also transferable to outdoor plants.

It really is a perfect solution for space constrained growers and growers who don't like soil.

First things first you really have to have a plan. Find out where you'll be planting and establish a method as to how to water them each day. This way you'll be less worried about the plants wilting if you mess up and water them when it's not required.

 * You can start with small plants. A single plant which you can give 2-3 drops of the nutrient solution is enough. If you have a big space you can have multiple plants.

When you plant you need to get your nutrient solution into your plants via the leaves. You can get the solution in a multitude of ways. You can:

 * Mix up 2-3 drops of the solution with water and then sprinkle it onto the plants.

 * Use a drip irrigation system which will use the nutrient solution to water the entire plant.

 * Use spray heads that dispense the solution into the air.

So you can choose the method of growing hydroponic plants as per your liking as well as suitability.

aeroponics system

Small Hydroponic Systems Use Up to 90% Less Water

Make sure you use the correct container for your plant type. Plants with long leaves need a big container with lots of drainage holes. Plants with short leaves and trimmings in the base of the stem in a small container need a smaller container with plenty of drainage holes. Make sure the container you use has holes cut in the base of the stem and has drainage holes at least halfway up the stem.. You may find hydropoinicssilicate or hydrofluoric acid depending on what kind of plant you want to cultivate.

Now you have your plant and have established proper growing conditions you need to get your nutrients through your roots into the plant via the roots. Now as mentioned your plants exude their own nutrients via the roots when they need them. Your job is to be able to deliver it to the plant via the roots without damaging the roots.


Plants can be grown throughout the year

 * You can use a syringe to deliver the nutrients to the plant. This is an old fashioned method and does take a little more practice than spray irrigation. You'll need to clean any broken particles from the needle.

 * Spray water onto the roots of the plant. The water will run down the stem and drip back onto the soil surface and be absorbed via the roots.

 * Use a spray irrigation system which will use the nutrient solution to water the entire plant.

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Faster growth of plants

Now you have established yourself and you have established the method of how to properly deliver the nutrients to your plant. Now you can start planting. Planting is important for the growth of your plant. The nutrients will flow through the plant and provide the energy it needs to grow. This is where you'll need to get some practice with planting, so that you can water the plants correctly. This is where you'll need to find a way of ensuring that no excess nutrients get run off the plant. You may need to use a weed eater or an automatic weed eater for your plants. Use a vacuum cleaner to get excess nutrients off the leaves and stems of the plant.

 * Soak the soil surface in a nutrient solution to keep the soil evenly moist.

 * Mix the nutrients into the soil in the same area as the plant as you would normally.


Grow healthier plants

Now you are ready go ahead and plant your seeds and see that your plant grows.

There are more things than just these that you need to think about, but none of them is too difficult.

You'll need to choose your seeds carefully, because you want to get some that will thrive and thrive well. Look for ones that don't require a lot of care. If you do manage to get a plant that has a bit of a problem you can then transfer the seedlings into larger containers with a drainage hole. This is so that they don't drown.

After you have your seeds set and watered you can plant them. This is where you want to make sure that the soil surface is even and that there is no excess nutrients which will run off. It is important that it is a mix of all of the nutrients with the base nutrients, and the top nutrients, so that your plant is kept evenly fed

Hydroponic Grow Systems

No weeding required

That's the basics of growing plants, but there is a lot more that you need to think about.

 * Make sure that the soil you are planting is appropriate for the area, otherwise your plant could grow into the wrong type of soil.

 * Choose your seeds carefully, because the seeds themselves can harm your plant.

 * Choose the correct water and nutrients that will work with your plant.

 * Choose the correct location for planting.

 * Ensure that you plant each seed precisely, so that the soil is drained.

 * Check that you have enough water at night, so that the roots don't dry out./Gardening-Winter-Plants-Growing-Supplies-Seeds-Cultivation


Best Hydroponic Systems

Planting can be a tedious task in the beginning, but after your plant has grown then it becomes one of the easiest tasks. Planting seeds is something we do best for our garden because we like the act of pushing the seed up from the depths of the container and we know that the seed won't die if we just push harder the deeper we push them.

You can purchase a soil mix or you can do it yourself. Using the soil mix you get from a company will cost you between $15-$25 per bag. You can mix your own and you will have to buy some fertilizer, so that you have to buy some organic soil mix, a container for planting, and some drainage holes. The nutrients in the chemical mix can harm your plant.


Thus, by knowing a few facts about hydroponic gardening you can easily decide about developing a hydroponic growing system in your apartment.

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