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DIY Hydroponics: 10 Facts Worth Considering

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“The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.”

Abraham Lincoln

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10 Reasons why You Should a DIY hydroponic garden

For those interested in using a DIY hydroponics system here are some basic facts to know before jumping into this kind of urban farming.

DIY hydroponics

10 Facts about hydroponic gardens


DIY Hydroponics is very forgiving to Amateur farmers: 

If you are a new farmer and growing hydroponic plants for the first time then you may not know much about the nutrients required for your plants. In this case, you can get a number of nutrient solutions to mix yourself in desired quantities or ready to use mixtures in the market to provide the required nutrition to your hydroponics.

You can also mix your own ingredients in these commercial mixtures to satisfy your adventurous feelings. In this way, you can modify the growth of your plants or get the best yield from your plants by changing their nutrients

hydroponic system

Consistent monitoring is required:

In order to grow healthy plants in your DIY hydroponic garden, it is necessary to monitor the systems used in it like the level of pH, temperature and consistency of nutrients in the solution, etc. 

In fact, sudden changes in the environment comfortable to grow hydroponic plants can stress the plants and end up in their death. Any difference in the pH of the solution of nutrients can quicken the absorption of certain micronutrients which can be harmful to the plants as it can create a deficiency of certain nutrients for the plants.

So, while growing DIY hydroponics you will have to monitor the plants regularly and frequently to ensure their healthy growth.


Essential nutrients to be added:

You will have to provide everything to your plants to ensure their successful growth as per your expectations because they are not grown in soil.

You can depend upon the nutrients provided by the soil when you grow plants in soil but when you are growing hydroponic plants then you will have to provide them all the macro and micro nutrients required for their best growth like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen along with zinc, iron, molybdenum, and copper, etc.

indoor herb garden

Cost of DIY hydroponics farming can be under your control:

Different types of hydroponic farming techniques can allow you to control the cost of your hydroponic garden. Though many people consider it as a costly hobby but it is a misconception.

You can develop a hydroponic garden by spending as little as $50 by adopting a hydroponic system of deep water culture or wick system and as high as $10,000 and more by using aquaculture systems for this purpose.

You can manage your investment according to your requirement of yield throughout the year. You can start hydroponic farming or gardening without any consideration of investment but if you want to increase your yield then you will have to spend more on this project. 

However, it is better to keep your investment low for DIY hydroponics. But if you want to invest more in your DIY garden then you can search online to know more about the functioning of different hydroponic systems.


Your DIY hydroponic system uses up to 90% less consumption of water: 

You can save a lot of water wasted in traditional ways of growing plants in the soil by growing hydroponic plants in your garden. A large amount of water given to the plants grown in soil is not absorbed by the plants but is lost into the soil.

In most of the systems used for hydroponic farming the minerals and water used are recirculated so that nothing goes to waste except in the form of evaporation. The evaporated water can also be used to improve the growth of the plants in certain hydroponic systems. Thus, for the countries with the scarcity of water hydroponic farming is the best option.

Hydroponic Grow Systems

Plants can be grown throughout the year:

If you want to develop an indoor garden then DIY hydroponics can be ideal for you as you can grow them throughout the year by using grow lights. You can cultivate fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs of any type in a controlled environment in any season.

Though it can increase the cost of getting the crop in any season but you have a convenience to know where your food is coming.


Hydroponic plants grow larger:

The growth of the vegetable and fruit plants you have grown by using any of the hydroponic systems will be twice larger than the plants grown in soil as they are grown in the best conditions. The growth of hydroponic strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, and peppers is not only larger than soil plants but they are taster also.

aeroponic lettuce

Hydroponic plants grow faster:

Everything required to increase the growth of a plant is provided to hydroponic plants and they have to do the minimum effort to get them as compared to soil-based plants.

Hydroponic plants get the best nutrition as everything is delivered to them as and when required. So, they do not have to struggle to get water and essential nutrients. So, for this reason, hydroponic plants grow at 30-50% faster speed and harvest more crops than soil-based plants.


Complete control over the growth of the plants:

You can complete control over the entire environment of growing hydroponic plants when you use any of the hydroponic techniques for this purpose.

Everything including nutrients, water, oxygen, temperature, light and humidity that can help in improving the growth of your plants will be controlled by you. You can adjust their quantity according to the need of the plant.

You need not follow a strict approach to grow fresh herbs in your domestic DIY hydroponic garden. But if you are growing these plants for commercial reasons then you can increase their growth by adjusting everything accordingly.


No need to weed the plants:

You need not worry about weeding the plants if you have grown them without soil. You can see more weeds growing with the plants when they are grown in soil. So, to make your flower beds look great you will have to weed them frequently.

In this way, no weeding with hydroponic plants can be the greatest benefit for the gardeners as they need not waste their time in weeding them out daily.


Thus, the facts discussed in this write-up are important to know for you if you are planning for growing DIY hydroponics.

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