Off Grid Homes Rock (Here Are 7 Reason Why)

off grid homes

​Off Grid Homes Rock (Here Are 3 ​Benefits and 4 things you should consider​)


“​To find yourself, think for yourself..”


An off grid home can help you answer these questions; Are you tired of the everyday fast-paced life that you have found yourself in? Do you miss your joyful moments of serene, peaceful life that you remember from your childhood? Do you feel that some things need to change? Do you feel the need to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly life?

​If the answer to these questions is affirmative, and for many of us it is, maybe it is about time to start a new life. We have to realize that there is not only one way of living. Society teaches us to consume and spend constantly, but people can choose another path. If you are considering a different style of life, you are not alone.

​3 Benefits Of Off Grid Living

off grid homes

​Many people that choose off the grid homes do so for environmental reasons. This is one of the most prominent driving forces behind the movement.

Environmental benefits


Off the grid real estate uses less energy and a lot of it comes from renewable sources. Traditional utilities have a massive carbon footprint. Both electricity production and electricity transmission have a huge impact on the environment.

Large quantities of resources like water and fossil fuels are needed in the process and the way in which traditional energy production affects climate change has already been established.

​Off grid homes rely predominantly on renewable energy sources. Even urban and suburban homes can drastically reduce their energy consumption. When you reduce your energy/heating/cooling requirements money starts flowing back into your pocket. And you'd be amazed at the savings. I went from $500 per month utility bill down to $75. That's $425 a month I was no longer giving to a utility. With no loss of comfort.

Owning Your Own Off Grid Home

​Off grid homes are green, convenient and practical to use. The only downside is that a preliminary investment will be required to set the installation up. Even that can be minimized to an acceptable degree.



The second most important benefits of owning an off grid home is the independence from the huge monopolies responsible for utility provision and the respective pricing policies.

​Utility outages aren’t too common in the Western world but they do take place. Consumers are also subjected to changes in the terms and conditions of service provision.

solar panel RV

Many people have both philosophical and practical reasons to seek independence from these huge companies and refrain from using their services. Opting for off the grid homes makes this possible.

​Living off the grid means independence in so many ways. You could be independent of the state, society, mass production and everything we usually depend on. This is certainly not easy and simple to do. It is necessary to build a system to make this lifestyle possible.

Before you decide to take this step, it is important to study the various guides, talk to people with experience, and think carefully about everything you'll need.



Depending on the energy-production method chosen, going off the grid can be an incredibly cost-efficient decision.

​It’s interesting to point out that the cost of solar panels has gone down by 60 percent since 2011. Depending on the location, solar panels can pay for themselves completely in a period ranging from seven to 15 years. Incentives and paybacks reduce the period even further.

Currently, the average household in the US spends approximately 54 percent of its budget on utilities, reports. Electricity bills contribute to 34 percent of the amount.

​The cost of living off the grid depends entirely on the amenities that you’d like to have. Some people go completely “primitive” and get rid of all modern conveniences. Others still want to have electricity and an environment-friendly heating system.

solar power for homes

Still others prefer living in urban and suburban settings. They enjoy the benefits that come with modern life.

And that's OK.

The point is, you maintain the positive aspects you like or want, while minimizes the negative aspects in a way that benefits you.

Whichever option is chosen, off the grid homes allows for much more budget-friendly living than standard real estate.

Living off the grid

The most important things are accommodation, water, heating and, of course, food. Some people choose to organize this way of life on their own, but a far greater number of them join together or join existing communities.

off grid living

​​Off-grid living means not being dependent on the power company and mass production, but not only that. It also means being aware of your needs and wishes, abilities and willingness to learn new skills.

Nevertheless, there are many sorts of this type of living and you can choose whatever suits your aspirations. After all, the goal is to lead a happy, sustainable life, not to be miserable in our decisions.

If you are wondering how to start over, how to start a new life off-grid, consider the following steps.

4 things to consider before moving to an off grid home

Step by Step:


Making the decision

The main thing is to be true to yourself. This is the utmost advice that anybody can give you in any situation. Consider your pros and cons. Don't be surprised, as there will be some cons, too. It's up to you to decide if it is worth your work, time and energy.

For me, that's not even a real question, but nobody is the same. Be prepared that the society is going to try to convince you that you are wrong. In certain cases, even your friends and family will do the same. Do you even mind?


Finding the place to live

The decision about where to live depends on many factors. What is your budget? Do you want to be near civilization or somewhere deep in the woods? Do you want to have a modern home or to live in a DIY type of house? There are plenty of blogs on this subject. Inform yourself about all the different solutions that exist.

Having a house somewhere outside the cities and towns is a blessing. Knowing the characteristics of the local weather, sunny days, rainy days, wind, springs and other water sources, is even better. You should learn how to use every benefit that nature has to offer. On the other hand, you have to learn to tackle some obstacles that may occur.


Installing alternative energy

Once you have resolved the main issue of housing, you need to familiarize yourself with the environment and see what your options are. Whether you have the most energy from the sun, wind, water, groundwater or a combination of the above, what would be a good and feasible solution for you? It is very important to know what resources you have available and therefore make a detailed plan for the future.

Depending on the characteristics of the environment, you should install the right type of alternative energy. Solar panels are surely the most popular energy source, but it is also possible to provide electricity from other natural sources.

Alternatives to solar panels are mini wind turbines - windmills, mini-hydro power plants, geothermal sources, micro CHP systems that produce heat and electricity at the same time, biofuels (biomass or biomass fuel generators).


Growing your food

In addition to drinking water, without which life is certainly impossible, you must also think about what to eat in your self-sufficient, alternative household. Going to the market is always the fastest option. Otherwise, if you want to fully commit to this lifestyle, it would be good to become familiar with the methods of growing healthy food. There are organic production, biodynamic production, permaculture, etc. All of these are effective methods of growing healthy foods.

If you are considering living off-grid, I guess you have already experienced the change in your mindset. That change allows you to think outside the box. In this consumer and stuff-obsessed society, in this constant rat-race for bigger and better homes, jobs, and popularity, we have lost ourselves and the true purpose of life.

So many people feel the same way. Some of them already made the change they needed, some others hesitate. Maybe they lack courage, or maybe they lack a good plan. I believe that everybody deserves a life of their dreams. Why should we live a life that we constantly need a vacation from? Why don't we set our priorities and live accordingly?


The benefits of living off-grid are many. Just to mention a work-life balance that will clear your mind and will provide you a less stressful everyday life. Other than personal independence and freedom, you can minimize consumption and prevent unnecessary wastage.

All the money you save, you can spend it later on something more meaningful and important. Besides, you will learn that you don't need to own so much stuff. You will become immune to constant marketing tricks that try to persuade you that you have to consume more and more products to be happy. Nature has already given us everything we need not just to survive, but also to celebrate life in its full form.

Off grid homes may seem like the perfect idea in terms of sustainability and independence. If you’ve ever considered off grid homes or even building your own off the grid cabin, you’re probably have at least some idea about the main reasons why such decisions make sense.

The first and the most important question to ask yourself is why you want to live off the grid. Needless to say, the decision will produce an array of important benefits.

Our ancestors didn't call it off-grid life, it was just life as it is. Their lives were good, you can make yours even better

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