Off Grid Solar Systems: Course Overview

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Chapter Summary: Off Grid Solar Systems: Course Overview

The most important thing you need to take away from this lesson is…

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on solar panels, deep cycle batteries, and inverters for your off grid solar systems.

How do you eat an energy elephant? One bite at a time.

off grid solar systems

What I plan to share throughout my courses is very real, and very valuable information. If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that the power system, even the entire energy grid, is vulnerable. Another good reason to take off grid solar systems seriously and regulate the public utilities to a back-up role in your life.


Energy and utilities will continue to rise in price. Even if alternatives are found, prices will remain the same. The government and various energy conglomerates will see to that. They have a vested interest in keeping prices high.

Blackouts and brown outs are happening all over the country on a regular basis. Severe weather, as proven this winter, can shut down your power for two weeks.

Do you really want to go without heat and the ability to cook for two weeks in the winter?

This course is about how to build off grid solar systems yourself, as cheaply as possible, using new and recycled parts, as good as, or better than, anything you can buy. What this course doesn’t go into is how to create the entire solar power system. So let me explain why:

Building Off Grid Solar Systems Is A Process...

To create a viable off grid solar systems, or any other kind of alternative energy system big enough to power a house, it needs to be thought of as a process. The reason is that different, but interrelated parts must work together. Each step, makes the next step easier.


The first process is reducing your energy signature as much as possible and understanding your own personal energy needs which is covered in the energy efficiency course.

The second process involves utilizing as much free heating and/or cooling through passive means as possible.

The third process involves building the solar panels and mounting them on the roof.

The fourth process involves building an energy system necessary to store excess energy and deliver it to your house when necessary. Which will be covered in depth in a future course.

Time Mag

The point in breaking the various processes up into bite sized chunks is that each section, or part becomes manageable, and therefore easier to digest and complete. (Eating the energy elephant one bite at a time.)

The second reason in breaking the process up is that it gives you an intimate understanding of the various parts of the system involved, and why each part works. What this means to you is that you are now the foremost expert on your own system.

If something goes wrong with your off grid solar systems, or it needs to be updated or fixed, you won’t need to pay for expensive experts. You’ll be your own expensive expert.

The third reason is this is simply too much material for one course. It would end up close to 100 videos and more accompanying papers. The average person would be overwhelmed, and never complete a project.

In this course, we’re going to cover,

understanding solar

· Why build your own solar panels

· How much manufactured systems costs and why you should consider doing it yourself.

· How solar systems are used, and the many configurations as possible.

· How small solar systems work, and what you can expect.

· Considering the different types of solar systems.

· Small solar system components.

· The materials needed to build a solar system.

· The tools necessary to build a solar system.

· Where to buy materials and parts.

· Building the frame

· Assembling the solar cells

· Placing the solar cells in the frame

· Installing the glass or plexiglass

· Mounting the solar panels on the roof.

· There will also be extra bonus chapters including,

· How to get free deep cycle batteries

· Where to get free solar panels.

These chapters will be included in a later update. As long as you bought or signed up for this course, you’ll get the updates free.

As you can see, this part of the course is meant to be as good as, or even better than, paid courses on building an off grid solar system.​

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