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Passive Solar Heating: This Trick Could Save Your Life

passive solar heating

The most important thing you need to take away from this lesson is…Heating accounts for over one-third of your energy consumption. Solar heating can be as simple, or as complex, as you want it to be. But getting a simple passive solar heating system, enough to heat one or more rooms, can be done in […]

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Passive Solar Design: Everyone Can Benefit From These Strategies

Lesson 10: Passive Solar Design Click Video to Watch Audio Download Video Download Transcript Download Course Summary: Passive Solar Design The difference between a passive solar design home and a conventional one is a passive solar home is designed to take full advantage of free solar energy and a conventional one is not. But even […]

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Off Grid Solar System: How Effective Is Yours?

off grid solar

​How Effective is an Off Grid Solar System?Sunlight is the cleanest and most abundant energy resource that can be found on earth, so it is somewhat surprising that it is so underutilized.  While residential off grid solar systems have existed for a number of years, there are relatively few households that have chosen to incorporate […]

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Off Grid Generators: 3 Reasons Why Diesel Is Your Best Choice

off grid generator

​Off Grid GeneratorsYou have three main uses for off grid small diesel generators.​The first use is battery equalization. Batteries should be overcharged a few times a year to bring out their best performance. Keep it overcharged for a few hours.Second…Always keep it handy for a backup. You don’t want to use the generator more than you […]

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Bioethanol: Moonshine and Off Grid Gasoline


​Summary: BioethanolBenefits and Methods of Making Off Grid BioEthanol Global warming threats and dwindling fuel resources have led to some interest in using bioethanol as a fuel source. Ethanol is a high-performance environmentally friendly motor fuel which does not produce any toxic emissions. Clear, transparent and with a distinct taste and odor, it is also the drinkable […]

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