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Save Power Through These 14 Energy Saving Devices

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“We can no longer save the world by playing by the rules.”

Greta Thunburg

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Energy costs are on a consistent upward trend, and everyone is feeling it. With electric service providers informing us of further increases, it's time to make adjustments that will help you save power immediately.

We believe that saving energy does not have to be expensive, therefore we've compiled a list of our top 14 energy saving devices. There are more, but we will limit this post to our top recommendations.

Save Power

14 Best Energy Saving Products

Following are our best energy saving product recommendations that are guaranteed to help you save power.


Dryers for Clothes

Sometimes, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, and clothes dryers are an excellent example. Clothes dryers are amazing. All you have to do is to add your wet laundry, hoist up, and let nature do its thing!

A 7 lath kit with 2.2 m length, for example, will hang dry an average of two full washing machine loads, and can dry in a few hours, depending on your location.


Hot Water Cylinder Jacket

A hot water insulation jacket is a home energy saver that will help you save money on your utility bills by lowering the cost of your hot water heating.

A poorly insulated hot water cylinder will constantly lose heat to the environment, which you may not wish to heat. For example, an uninsulated electric immersion hot water cylinder will lose so much heat that it will actually heat the property for you, but this is electric heating, which is expensive to operate. It is quick and simple to install, and offers instant savings.

hot water blanket

Countdown Timer

The installation of a simple countdown timer helps prevent devices from being left on indefinitely. We're constantly informed about "vampire devices," which, even when turned off, consume a significant amount of energy.

This reduce electric bill device accepts multi socket extension leads, allowing four or more devices to be completely removed from power. The standard version features time settings for 1, 3, and 6 hours.


Chimney Draught Excluder

A chimney draught excluder is meant to be inserted into the narrow section of the chimney above the fireplace when the fire is turned out,  and the central heating is turned on. Throughout the day, a large amount of warm air is sucked up the chimney, causing draughts in rooms and the loss of hot air.

A chimney draught excluder is projected to save you a few dollars per year off your heating expenses for EACH chimney, with the added benefit of preventing draughts within rooms for an average sized flue. The savings will be much greater if you have multiple chimneys.


Radiator Reflector

A radiator reflector helps minimize your heating expense by reflecting lost energy back into your room instead of heating up the wall and the street outside. It is simple to install and will make a noticeable difference in the room.


Water Saving Shower Head

Did you know that most shower heads use up to 12 liters of water each minute? - This means not only a lot of water, but also a lot of energy to heat up that 12 liters of water.

A typical water-saving shower head begins at a rate of 6 liters per minute, but the pressure is maintained due to the water-saving aerator at the bottom. Simply detach your existing shower head and replace it with the water-saving head!

home water heating

Window and Door Draught Proofing

Draughty windows or doors will lose heat during cold weather, partly due to poor thermal insulation, but also due to air infiltration or building permeability. A basic window and draught proofing is easy to install. It is reasonably priced, and will allow you to save money on energy bills. You can expect a return on your invest generally with a few weeks’ time.


Dryer Balls Made of Wool

We understand that not everyone has outdoor space to dry garments and must rely on tumble dryers. As a result, we get woolly spheres!

Simply place the dryer balls in the dryer with the wet laundry and watch them weave their magic. They can cut drying time by up to a third. You can save money on electricity while adding softness to your drying.

LED lights

LED and CFL Lighting

LED spot lights and CFLs utilize 90% less electricity than halogen or tungsten bulbs, and have a much longer lifespan. They also come with a significant energy savings potential. Payback for long halogen light working hours is only 2-3 months.


 Loft or Elevated Legs

A box of Loft Legs covers approximately 1.7 to 2.4 square meters, depending on the size of your storage board and ceiling joist spacing.

They raise the loft floor by 175 mm, providing additional insulation.

Upgrading from 75 mm to 250 mm might drastically lower your annual energy expenditures.

The legs are simple to assemble, extremely sturdy, and composed of lightweight PP resin. Screw loft lead immediately into position, with no cutting, drilling, or heavy lifting necessary. It is possible to upgrade your existing storage boarding by elevating the boards and applying additional insulation.


Radiator Thermostats or ETRVs

Do you heat all of your home's rooms when the heat comes on, even if no one is in them? Yes? This is a significant energy drain. By installing an ETRV on your radiator, you may program the unit to turn on and off as needed.... by room.


Gadgets to Reduce Electric Bill


Occupancy Detectors

Lights left on inadvertently? PIR occupancy sensors are the solution.

These feature lux and time delay options, giving you complete control. This will allow you to significantly save money on energy bills over time, although the savings may initially seem insignificant.


Outdoor Lighting Timer

An outdoor lighting timer prevents lights from being kept on all night when they are not required. The timer head can be replaced with a standard photocell head.

Save power by simply configuring the device to turn off the lights at the time you specify, and the unit will come on at dusk and stay on until the time you specify, then turn off at dawn.


Save power by simply configuring the device to turn off the lights at the time you specify, and the unit will come on at dusk and stay on until the time you specify, then turn off at dawn.

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