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Aeroponic Tower Gardens: 7 Reasons To Have One.

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“​“Just one square meter gives you more yield than in one acre of land. That’s an ideal system for a developing country. [It] will produce up to 300 cucumbers a year.… A system like that can supply a family with fresh vegetables and with vitamins and also with protein””

Dr. Nick Savidov

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7 Reasons That You Should Grow an Aeroponic Tower Garden

Growing a garden is an amazing idea, and there are always many reasons to do so. When it comes to growing an aeroponic tower garden, the reasons are special. Aeroponic systems are a great way to grow an edible indoor garden. Check out these 7 reasons that you should make interested in aeroponics tower.

7 Reasons to consider an aeroponic Tower

1. ​An Aeroponic Tower Garden is Instant

​Instant food growth is not usually what gardeners are after. We love and are used to slowly grown homegrown and homemade food. If you want to start gardening non-conventionally in order to get food sooner than later, then going for an aeroponics tower garden is the best thing to do.

One very impressive thing about an aeroponics tower is its ability to grow anything you want to grow instantly irrespective of the time of the year. The tower comes with all you need to begin growing immediately. The only thing you need to add on to the growing process is some water and tap water or rainwater will do.

Since Aeroponics/hydroponics is an agricultural system that does not use soil for planting seeds, you can even start the growing process before assembling the tower garden.

 The tower garden consists of Rockwool starter cubes together with Vermiculite for covering the seed so that they can be moist. Seeds, as well as a seedling starting tray, also make the package.
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2. ​​ High-Quality Yields

The aeroponics tower garden is a product of premium -quality, UV-stabilized , USDA-approved and food-grade plastic. In addition to its amazing quality, assembling the garden and cleaning it are easy and simple works to do.

 The Aeroponic tower isn’t merely a garden but a growing system that comprises multiple useful accessories such as a plant cage as well as grows lights which fit into the growth cage. They all facilitate a successful and easy growing process before even assembling the tower garden, begin with the seeds and then the growing. Since aeroponics/hydroponics don’t use any soil, we don’t plant seeds in any soil.

The tower comes with Rockwool starter cubes as well as Vermiculite for covering the seeds so that they can stay moist. It also comes with seeds and a seedling starting tray.

Tower Tonic consists of rich and abundant ionic earth minerals such as phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, calcium, trace minerals, and sulfur, like boron, manganese, zinc and chlorine that are critical for plant growth. The aeroponic garden food is rich in calcium and trace minerals which are highly important to people.

 Tower Tonic A and B is sufficient for the growth of leafy plants and fruit-bearing plants. You don’t need to adjust or twist anything. It’s enough to work effectively; leading us to #3.
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3. ​The Areoponics Tower Gardening Project is Easy

aeroponic root system

The vertical aeroponics tower garden growing system is a healthier, smarter and easier method of growing your own fresh and nutritious vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

With the absence of soil in the growing system, no weeding, no digging or bending over your garden crops occurs. It comes with a well-tailored instruction manual on all you should know. However, learning while doing is the best way to enjoy a new experience, and that’s how you can easily become a great aeroponics tower gardener.

​If you have no experience in growing anything hydroponically, rest assured the process can’t give you any trouble you can’t handle. Besides, I won’t tag it as a little or no work activity. Caring for the plants is still something to think of, but you won’t have much to do since aeroponics is a smart system all set for you.

​4. ​​Little Space for High Yield

The system can also be referred to as a vertical aeroponics growing system. In the vertical growing system, you can grow as many as 28 plants. The garden can accommodate 28 containers in less than 7 sq feet of land.

With the use of aeroponics technology, you can grow this specially formulated food in up to 30% additional produce in comparison to conventional soil gardening within the same time frame. When it comes to season gardeners into do short season growing, it’s pretty huge.

aeroponic towers

​5. ​​ ​Aeroponics Towers Are Movable

​It’s not only the Tower Garden dolly that makes it easy to change the location of the garden. You can actually and easily carry the entire garden to any location of your choice at any stage in the growth process.

Again, for those in short-season gardening, it does add up the growing time frame. ​You can have summer crops planted indoors and without the need to do an outdoor transplant. ​You simply carry the entire tower garden outside when the weather condition is favorable.

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​6. ​​Perfect for Indoor Gardening

Looking at the short growing season and the cool one, note that it was during short summers that the need to go into the aeroponic tower gardening became necessary. The idea was to grow as many vegetables and fruits in a short summer as possible.

Doing same during the off season indoors through out all of winter was also the reason. After attempts to grow a garden indoors in soil, we understood that a better solution was necessary.

No wonder a lot of commercial greenhouse gardeners are growing plants hydroponically. They do so because it’s better when grown indoors. The system keeps the plants watered always and effectively. With the absence of soil in the system, bugs and mold infection is limited.

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​7. ​​​Grow Salad Greens for Yourself

​Looking at an aeroponics garden for the first time may have you thinking that it is expensive to grow. That’s the feeling I had too. That idea died off later when I learned more about what tower gardens are about and how they operate.

A high quality, pesticide-free and locally grown lettuce normally costs $4 in-store. About every day, we eat one as such. In aeroponics, one tower can yield 28 lettuces per month. Here is the math, 28 x $4 = $112.

aeroponic lettuce


Lettuce is just one of the plants you can grow in your tower garden. Our aeroponics towers are practical production machines for real food all year round wherever you are.

Our aim is to encourage and inspire people to individually grow more food, for healthy and less costly meals. You can choose to DIY and build an aeroponic tower garden like many other people are doing. It’s not only a profitable idea for you, but also a fun and fulfilling idea to grow an instant edible garden at your home.

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Aeroponics is quite possibly the future of farming.

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