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Backyard Urban Farming is Sweeping The Country

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There is a multitude of reasons to start backyard urban farming. Aside from the obvious food that you can grow, it's healthier for you, it costs next to nothing to grow, and it's something that you can teach your kids about and do together.

City living doesn't have to mean that you can't grow your own food. You simply need to assess how much space you're able to contribute to the garden and then you can begin making your plans. There is where urban farming can come into play.

Backyard Urban Farming

If this is your first urban gardening adventure, you may want to go small to start with. The more sun that you have shine on the garden the better. You should have at least 6 hours of sunlight shining on your garden a day. You have a choice between a raised bed and an in-ground bed.

The in-ground bed is cheaper and is easier to start...

...but if you only have roof space then you'll need to build yourself the raised bed. There are kits for raised beds or you can choose to build one from wood.

You also need to make sure that your soil is aerated and not clumpy when you're using a raised bed. When it comes to in-ground beds, you should mix the natural soil with some garden soil when you plant anything. Once you have your space ready, look to see how much space that you have and gauge what you'll be able to plant.

urban gardening

Whatever it is that you choose should have room to grow within the space that you give it. When you do choose your plants you can choose either starter plants or grow your plants straight from seeds.

Urban gardening is not a hard project to manage. You can be growing crisp and crunchy peas and carrots or lush and yummy lettuce and herbs! It's a wonderful way to start a trend with your friends and family. Having an urban garden will put you on the road to healthy beginnings!

Once you have your first garden producing for you, you'll be amazed at how easy it can be. Transform other areas of your roof or backyard. Grow upside down tomatoes and strawberries! Veggies aren't the only thing that you can grow and some of your plants can even be grown indoors!

Other Backyard Urban Farming Ideas

Vegetables aren't the only things you can cultivate. Depending on the zoning and regulations in your area you can also try:

  • Worms: "vericomposting,” aka. worm composting to create your own rich compost or “black gold” is becoming a popular new trend.
  • Bees: Many beekeepers are simply gardeners who want bees to pollinate their flowers and vegetables.
  • Chickens: chickens can be fed just about any old scrap from the kitchen table, and in fact, the more variety in their diet, the more nutritious the eggs they lay. Aquaculture: For the more ambitious backyard farmer, this is a great way to have both fresh vegetables AND fish for protein.
  • Goats: Goats are making a comeback. Not only will they eat all your scraps, they can be used for dairy, meat, and various other goods.

If you want more in-depth info you might try this free download.

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