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Living Off The Grid Magazine

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It is finally here, after months of preparation we want to introduce the new living off the grid magazine.

For quite a few years we have had it in our minds to take the website concept and make it into a magazine format.

We are not quite ready to unveil the 'off the grid magazine' just yet. That is the purpose of this post.

We want to know what you, our readers want to see in a magazine covering this material.

First off, there is a lot of different subjects that we can cover- from renewable energy, to solar, to wind, to gardening, building, and different diy projects.

The question we are putting to you today is- what do you want to see in the new living off the grid magazine?

We will try and explain our vision for this project first.

Jane and I really want to see a focus on homestead, diy, energy production, and ways to lower or eliminate monthly bills.

For us, in our nearly 17 years of living off the grid, (we do the math and really can't believe it has been that long either?), our main focus has always been to build something once and then reap the benefits over time.

This makes your time an investment in the future rather than simply work for hire, or a trade off with the 'wage slave economy'.

First off, there is your off grid home. Build it right the first time and never make a mortgage payment- ever...

Next, build your solar panel system, do it right, and you will never pay another electric bill- never...

And finally, there is the land, living off the land has always been a very important aspect of what we do. To build up the soil in our garden, and to selectively cut our forest so it is sustainable, these are all investments in the future as well.

We know that we can grow a substantial amount of food in our garden for the coming year. We know this because we have invested time, effort, and compost to our land.

Jane and I have paid the land for years with our sweat, now it pays us. We don't take advantage of this bounty or take it for granted. We eat what the land gives us, we freeze and jar the extra, we use our root cellar to store for the winter.

And most of all, we give thanks. We are truly thankful for the opportunity to invest in our land. Many never see this their entire life.

In essence the living off the grid magazine is about exploring this focus, through interviews with folks who are really doin it, photos and videos of our own life, and your feedback.

You see, in the end it is you, our readers who have to benefit, or we have failed. To talk all day, to write all day, to take pictures and videos of it all, would be for nothing, - if you don't learn about living off the grid.

And how you can do this yourself.

How to take real world experience and apply it to your own life, to enrich it and add the joy and passion that Jane and I looked for all those years ago,

and found here, on our own little piece of a wilderness homestead.

Off The Grid Magazine

Videos, pictures, and solid diy advice, that is what the living off the grid magazine needs to be, real inspiration so that you know what is possible today.

Please provide your comments on format, content, and if you have articles to submit please do so.

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