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How To Get Off The Grid

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We were recently asked about living off the grid, and what we really think is important in making the move. In the email specifically we were asked how to get off the grid. It really is hard to know exactly what this fellow asking the question really had in mind. It all started with an email about off the grid in the city, and it went like this.

This person was having trouble downloading our guide book and asked us to send him a link, which we gladly did. At the end of the email they explained that they wanted to read it when they were 'off the grid' with only their notebook computer as a companion. It really made us wonder if this person really knew what they wanted.

If they were convinced that learning how to get off the grid was just a matter of unplugging your home phone then they were in for a bit of a shock.Of course, in its simplest sense you are not connected when you are out of range, but that would not do the term justice, would it?

How could he think he was making a difference in his life simply by switching from one form of communication to another? Is it real, or is it simply a marketing illusion? The intention of this website is not to give you false hope that you can simply unplug and be free. That is simply not the case. Our intention is to show you, our readers, that a few simple choices in the right direction could have you in control of your life instead of the big corporations that surround us.

Let's get back to the cell phone example, is it less expensive? Not on your life. This is not the answer for learning what you need to know. More and more apps, more and more options to get you to use your phone more actually detracts from your freedom, it does not enhance it, and that is not what living off the grid should mean.

Recently we had some interesting developments here at our home that should illustrate the point even further.

For the second year in a row we were approached by a major publisher to tell our story- and for the second year in a row we turned this second publisher down in favor of being able to say what we want to say right here.

And yes, we turned down a sizable chunk of money and royalties in the process. Why did we do it?

Simply put, the publisher had no idea what we were trying to do, they only wanted a book that would appeal to the largest audience. They wanted us to write about things that we don't do here, things that would help the book sell. Whether or not the reader learned what they needed to know was immaterial. We have a loyal and very large readership right here, and we like it that way. When inspiration hits us, we want to be able to share it with you right away, and as honestly as possible.

I have to admit that I really love reading books, but the fact of the matter is that book publishing is really living in the past, something we refuse to do. There is no interaction, there are no comments, in short, you the reader, do not have a voice. And we really love hearing from you, your successes and your failures.

Jane and I feel so privileged to be able to share our life with you right here at the living off the grid homestead, and we would not change a thing. Learning how to get off the grid is not just unplugging, and it's not selling out to be popular, it's a real choice on a very personal level to live your life to the fullest.

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