Off Grid Electric is More Than Solar Power

wind turbines

​When you think of off grid electric, solar power is often the first thing to come to mind. While it’s true this will give you access to one form of power, it isn’t the only type you can consider. Off grid electricity comes in many forms and it has the power to handle refrigerators, lights, air conditioning and other electronic devices in the home.

off the grid electric

One thing to remember when you are exploring alternative power, is that you will need a battery bank. This bank helps you to store the power that you are harvesting from a source. The size of your battery bank will ultimately depend on whether or not you have regular access to the natural energy you are using to power it.

Solar is the best known form of off the grid electricity. The panels have gained popularity in recent years with the technology becoming more affordable. While this works fine in places where there is plenty of sunshine, it doesn’t work well in areas where there are frequent storms or a lack of sunlight. So it is important to explore some of the other off grid electric options.

Wind Power

wind turbine

Wind power is a great choice in areas where there is access to frequent wind. The problem is that if you live in an area that doesn’t give you the gusts you need to power your 10,000 watt turbine, you’re defeating the purpose.

Most of the time, these wind turbines have to be placed higher up off the ground to work. So while they will work in rural areas, they aren’t going to work if you live within the city limits of a place that has ordinances that prevent the installation of wind turbines.

Micro-Hydro Systems

If there is water near your property, you have access to a micro hydro system. This is when you use the running water to generate around the clock electricity for you. You won’t need an excessive battery bank for this form of power, because as long as you have access to the water, you have access to the power.

This is quite possibly one of the better choices you have for an off grid electric system, if a source of water is available to you. It is important to note that if you are within certain city limits, you may need to request permission to install a micro hydro system in the local waters, especially if it connects to the drinking water of the area.

As you can see, there isn’t just a single choice you have when it comes to the power you harvest while off the grid. While many of these options have a significant initial cost to setting them up, you don’t have to worry about constant electricity bills or being without power when you need it the most.

Best of all, you reduce your carbon footprint and that will mean you reduce the impact you have on the planet. That alone will make any of these off grid electric options an exceptional choice for you.

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