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Off Grid Generators: 3 Reasons Why Diesel Is Your Best Choice

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Off Grid Generators

There are many reasons, places and situations in which an off grid power generator can be a must-have. It could be at your job site, an extended camping trip, an outdoor event, classroom, etc. A generator on hand in these circumstances is absolutely necessary. Generators are also there to play the essential role of powering off-grid homes or offering the necessary backup in the absence of power. Farms need backup in the same way. And when it comes to types of generators and the off-grid brands and models to choose from, the options are quite many and choosing the best one to suit your specific need is easy.

You have three main uses for off grid small diesel generators.

The first use is battery equalization.

 Batteries should be overcharged a few times a year to bring out their best performance. Keep it overcharged for a few hours.


Always keep it handy for a backup. You don't want to use the generator more than you have to.

off grid generator


Always use your generator to run specific items that can't be used without a generator. It's a fairly simple concept. A generator using 5,000 watts is a lot cheaper than buying an inverter of the same wattage.

It also tends to be better for running more than one thing, for a short time, than using an inverter. This covers things like a vacuum and power tools. Usually non-essential items.

If you want to purchase on off grid generator, you need to look at the warranty as well as the price. Many generators will claim to be useful for off-grid purposes, but in reality, the warranty does not cover situations where you're using the generator in that capacity.

Paying 3 to 4 thousand dollars for a diesel generator and then having it fail only to be told that the uses exceed the warranty is not something you want to hear or deal with. It's an investment and when your investment falls through, you tend to end up in a bad situation. This warranty caution is meant for both propane generators and small diesel generators.

When purchasing either type of generator, you'll first need to figure out how much electricity you're going to be drawing from the generator. This may cover your refrigerator, air conditioner, and other similar appliances.

When you figure out how much electricity you're using, you can figure out how big your generator needs to be. Keep in mind the idea here. You don't want to continue using a ton of things that are electric. Cutting down to the bare minimum is required for off grid living.

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