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Off Grid Energy Solutions: How To Beat The Utilities at Their Own Game

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​Off Grid Energy-The Problem

Without a doubt, the cost of energy in the coming years is going to get higher. This is simply a fact. You need to be thinking about off grid energy solutions now. If you didn’t believe it yourself, you wouldn’t be reading these words.

This course isn’t about “causes” or “failures,” it’s about SOLUTIONS. It's about turning off grid energy ​disadvantages into lifestyle advantages.

off grid energy

But let’s start with an definition of the word itself. “Off the grid.” In the context of this video course, it doesn’t necessarily mean disappearing into the wilderness, or becoming invisible. Although this course will put you well on your way to doing both.

Also, have you considered that “going off the grid” puts you square in the cross-hairs of city officials who see any alternate lifestyle as a threat. Keep in mind, they want you to conform so they can continue to profit from you. Any deviation from that pattern, anything that threatens that objective, draws their attention.

Instead, it’s much better to be a off grid energy chameleon.

 To blend into your surroundings so that they never even know you’re there. And you do that by becoming indistinguishable from the faceless gray mass of humanity. Outwardly, or to any bureaucrat looking in, their eyes skim past you. Inwardly, how you live your life is to beat corporate society at it's own game.  


How do you beat them at their own game?

By understanding their weaknesses. Their weakness is their algorithms look for patterns. If they don't see a pattern, they don't see you.

Let me give you an example: If you go completely solar and cut off your utilities because you no longer need them, that will draw attention from the Powers That Be. Why? Because you’re no longer paying into the forced system. They look for that. That will invite them into your life.

If you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. (Hint: Don't be the nail)


If you’re living in a urban/suburban area, it’s better to leave them hooked up, but reduced in such a way as it is no longer a burden in your life.

Pay the absolute minimum instead. $10-$20 a month is a lot better than $500. Maybe the off grid energy solution in your case is to build solar panels (discreetly) install net-metering, and reduce your on-grid energy consumption to nothing. This accomplishes two things:

It doesn’t make you stand out in any way.

You can now use the grid-tie power system as a back-up, not the other way around.

Maybe that off grid energy solution won't work for you. The point is, ​there is a solution for your situation. You simply have to think it through and act on it. I can give you solutions, but I can't give you motivation.

But it will be up to you to act on the advice given. Of course, some solutions won’t work for everyone but there will be enough solutions in the coming months to radically affect every aspect of your life, and change the way you look at energy forever.

In the “Checklists and Cheat Sheets Section below this video you find a .pdf download which will outline what needs to be done, give you step-by-step instructions, and will form an ongoing plan of action. They are designed so no part of this project should take more than a weekend to accomplish. Turn your off grid energy problem into a off grid solution.

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