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Off Grid Solar Kits: 5 Benefits That Will Make You Want to Switch To Solar

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The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun.”

Ralph Nader

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Off Grid Solar Panel Kits

Clean energy, renewable energy are some of the buzzwords related to eco-friendliness. The concept boils down to one thing – putting less pressure on the environment and not exploiting too much of natural resources. And it makes sense too. When you can switch to a renewable energy system that not only saves the environment but also your money in the long-run, why not grab that opportunity with both hands?

This is the reason why many people are already switching to solar-powered electricity. They have a choice to use a grid-tied solar setup or go off-grid. Grid-tied systems are usually what you see in most homes. The installation process involves connecting your home to the city's energy source.

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Off Grid Solar System Packages

On the other hand, an off-grid system stands alone. It doesn't require connecting the system to your city's energy source. Although this may seem overwhelming because you don't have an alternate source of electricity, there are many benefits that keep off-grid solar kits ahead of grid-tied systems. Here are some of the benefits that will make you want to switch to off-grid solar kit right away:

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Reasons to think about Off Grid Solar System Kits


Avoid power outages

It's irritating when the power goes out suddenly. Maybe you were in the middle of preparing an important assignment for your work. You may need to start from scratch. But going off-grid means you bypass the issues you face with sudden power outages. This is because an off-grid system isn't tied to the city's power source that usually experiences unpredictable power cuts due to sleet storms, heavy winds, or freezing rains. These weather conditions can damage the power equipment and lines, leading to outages.

Moreover, you never know the duration of the outage. It can be for a few minutes or even a few days, depending on the extent of damage of the power lines. However, once you install an off-grid solar kit, you arrange for a self-sufficient electricity system in your house. The batteries that you charge with solar energy allow you to enjoy electricity 24 x 7 without worrying about rains, heatwaves, cold snaps, and storms.

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Reduce electricity costs

One of the reasons why people are shifting to off-grid solar kits is to reduce their monthly energy bills. Using this system enables you to limit your dependence on finite resources, such as fossil fuels. The problem with using standard electricity is you will notice the energy bills rise in the future. As fossil fuels continue to become more finite, companies responsible for producing electricity will want to maintain their profits. Hence, they would increase the electricity cost over time. But, there's no such complication once you install an off-grid solar kit.

It is true that the initial set up cost of an off-grid solar kit is quite high. But you need to see the long-term benefits here. Switching to this system will mean low maintenance cost and low monthly energy bill. In fact, you will hardly have to pay energy bills once you go green. Off-grid solar kits derive energy from the sun. Therefore, there's no question of paying monthly electric bills.

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Off Grid Solar Kits with batteries


Easy installation method

According to experts, it is easier to install an off-grid solar kit than a grid-tied system. An off-grid system is a standalone equipment. It doesn't require a complicated infrastructure for installation. For example, installing a grid-tied system involves connecting the setup to your city's electric grid. This is a complicated procedure and takes a significant amount of time.

On the other hand, even a homeowner can install an off-grid solar kit. Of course, you may need to buy a few tools from the local hardware store. But the entire process is pretty straightforward. It also eliminates the need to hire a professional. Moreover, a grid-tied system requires the professional to dig a trench where he can put the grid that collects solar energy. It is another complicated process that not only takes time but also additional money. Instead of these complications, you can watch YouTube videos to install a off-grid solar kit in your home.


Alternative electricity source for rural areas

Urban areas are blessed to get electricity 24 x 7. But those who live in the rural areas are not so fortunate. They experience frequent power outages. And sometimes it takes weeks to get the electricity back. This is highly inconvenient. Imagine living without electricity for 5 days straight, leave aside weeks. The infrastructure in the rural areas is not so good as the urban areas. The lack of high-rises means the electric poles are vulnerable to heavy winds and storms, leading to frequent power cuts.

Installing off-grid solar kits in these areas can solve the problem of power outages to a great extent. Since these places don't have high-rises, the solar panels can absorb the maximum amount of solar energy, thus helping to provide enough electricity to a small neighborhood. It eliminates the issues of experiencing frequent blackouts that make living highly uncomfortable.

Solar Power For Homes

Help the environment

Think about it – you have always been taking from nature. How much have you given back? Merely planting a couple of plants isn't enough anymore. More and more people need to come forward and embrace this system to put less pressure on fossil fuels. And you can start the movement by installing an off-grid solar kit. Don't follow when you can lead by example. Maybe a few more families in your neighborhood may want to shift to an off-grid solar kit once they see you.

Imagine not burning fossil fuels and doing the environment a world of good. Of course, this will not even out things immediately, but a small step can go a long way to helping the environment. And even if you don't care about the environment, do it for your own good. Do it for the money you will save in the future.


The above benefits should inspire you to install an off-grid solar kit soon. You may need to spend heavily now, but you will save multiple times more in the future.

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