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How Living Off The Grid is Affected by the U.S Debt Ceiling

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One of the many things we have learned here at the Living Off The Grid Homestead is that we are usually better off than most people when a disaster hits.

Whether it is a natural or man-made disaster by providing for yourself in a self sufficient manner you can definitely weather the storms.

One of my favorite topics of discussion is Economics. I don't claim to be an expert in the field but it is one of my passions and I follow closely the news in this area... why?

There is not one other item of business that affects us so profoundly and in such an utterly detached manner as economics. The price of gas goes up? why? we just don't know. Is it a long weekend? Can the big companies squeeze an extra dime from us because they know we are going to drive anyways? I think they do.

Our only defense, if we do not carry as big a stick as these guys is to simply not play the game at all, and living off the grid is the best defense of all.

I don't mean to withdraw from life itself, but simply stop playing into their hands. Devise a life that answers their questions, and gives us a life back in return.

No where is this more evident than in the world of credit, and the Governments of the U.S and Canada are probably the worst offenders. Bailouts and an out of control money supply have left them in quite a pickle.

Of course this is not a short term problem, it has been going on since the first deficit budget way back in the 70's. Ah... to go back and say stop borrowing.

Now the borrowing of money has gotten out of hand, now if a government can not pay its bills they simply print more money. And every country who has used this strategy throughout history has had its currency fail, some slow, some quite quickly.

If you think of this on a family level and imagine that if you had bills you could not pay? what would you do? print more money on your home computer? I don't think so. How about the bank's solution > they raise your credit limit, so you can do the whole thing over again. Not smart.

Our only solution is to stop playing the credit game, both on a government and on a family level. Only in this way will we survive the pending and predicted impending financial crisis.

Yes, we can put our heads in the sand, pretend it will be alright, and I really dislike even bringing this up, but it is ahead for all of us.

I remember some wise advise from my own Grampa, Don Emerson, whom I have relied upon heavily all of his 97 years (still going strong by the way).

He told me about the Depression of the 1930's, saying ' it was just like any other time, except no one had any money to buy anything. You either grew it yourself, made it yourself, or you did without."

I always remembered that and it has shaped my life immensely. We feel secure here living off the grid, and it is our mission to help you do the same, homesteading is not for everyone, but nearly everyone can grow a garden and build the things they need to live a better life.

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