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Off Grid Real Estate

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​There’s something incredibly romantic and idyllic about off grid real estate. Finding the perfect off grid homes for sale, however, is a completely different business.

The decision has to be 100 percent pragmatic and based on rationality. Whether you’d like to buy land, an off grid shelter or something a bit more luxurious, you’ll need to keep a couple of important practical considerations in mind.

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4  things You Want to Consider With Off Grid Real Estate


The first and the most obvious characteristic that all off grid homes for sale should have is a good location that ensures access to natural resources.

A dependable and clean natural water source nearby is a must. If you plan to use solar panels for energy production, you’ll need to go for a spot that’s characterized by a big number of sunny days throughout the year.

Natural building materials will also be required, whether you’re just getting land or you’ve found a house that you’ll eventually like to upgrade. Rocks, stones, clay and wood will all be required for sustainable, off grid living. Having such resources available in the area can save you a lot of money and effort in the future.

Power Generation Considerations

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We’ve already touched upon the topic briefly but power generation considerations are incredibly important when examining off grid homes for sale. If the property doesn’t have an installation already, you’ll have to do the math and figure out how much it’s going to cost you.

If you’re interested in a property or an off grid shelter that doesn’t have an electric installation, you’ll have to get in touch with contractors. Request several quotes to see how much the project’s execution is going to cost you, what the deadline is going to be and whether you’ll get a guarantee. When opting for such property, be prepared for the additional work and effort that will be required to set up the electrical system.

Waste system Availability

Sewage regulations exist in most of the remote areas, even the ones that don’t follow building codes.

Some of the acceptable and good options for off grid homes for sale include septic tanks, composting toilets and open-air lagoon pits. Keep in mind that the soil conditions will impact the septic system. They will also determine the cost of setting up and maintaining the septic system. When looking at an off the grid house, always make sure that the waste management system is in place, that it adheres to regulations and that it’s cost-efficient.


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Though the cost of off grid shelters is a primary concern for many potential buyers, it shouldn’t be the only one. Looking at the price to quality ratio is a much better way of evaluating the real estate.

The cost of off grid real estate depends on many factors. The location, the water purification system, the electrical installation and the size of the building itself will all have an impact on the price. Sometimes, however, it makes sense to buy a more expensive house that is in a good condition and that will require fewer upgrades. The decision will make more financial sense in the long run.

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