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Straight Vegetable Oil: French Fries To Fuel Oil

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​Summary: Straight Vegetable Oil

Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) isn’t a new concept, but it’s likely that you’re just learning about it. For nearly a decade, there has been a popular trend of converting diesel engines and have them running SVO.

This oil type is 11 times thicker, won’t burn as quickly, and has a lower impact on the environment. Many older diesel engines actually run better when they are converted to this type of oil. That doesn’t mean there aren’t headaches you need to pay close attention to.

straight vegetable oil

The first is dealing with carbon deposits that will appear in the combustion and exhaust locations. It’s important that you routinely clean the valves and ports to ensure that the carbon buildup doesn’t cause potential damage to the engine.

Piston ring sticking is another area of concern. This is caused by the SVO turning to sludge and becoming thicker than traditional oil. While running Straight Vegetable Oil engines, it is important that you add detergents that are designed to prevent the oil from thickening too much, so the piston ring doesn’t experience any problems.

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In addition to this SVO does thicken and gel, so you need to avoid contamination of the vegetable oil. If it thickens too much, the oil no longer lubricates and this can lead to oil starvation in the engine, which will result in damage.

When running SVO based engines, you also need to use a biocide in the mixture. While SVO is a powerful choice for your vehicle, bacteria and fungi grow easily in it. This will lead to blockages and damage if you continue to ignore the problem. Instead, it is a good idea for you to avoid any potential problems by proactively using this biocide in the oil.

Additionally, Straight Vegetable Oil is essential for use in your engine. You need to make sure you aren’t using bottles of cheap vegetable oil off the shelves of your grocery store. The reason is they aren’t the right consistency to operate any engine running SVO and this will lead to potential mechanical problems if you end up attempting it.

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If you aren’t sure on the grade of SVO to use, you may want to contact a local auto repair shop who can determine the right SVO for your vehicle.

At the same time, make sure you routinely check and replace the oil filter, even when you aren’t changing the oil. The problem is this type of oil can draw in a considerable amount of debris with it. That means your oil filter may clog quickly.

It won’t take long for you to realize just how incredible Straight Vegetable Oil engines are. Take a moment to contact a professional to help you with the conversion process on your favorite vehicle.

When that is done, you can continue to reduce your carbon footprint by routinely using this engine type and that is going to help to give you some peace of mind. After all, more people should do what they can to embrace clean burning engines.

If you want more in-depth info you might try this free download.​

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