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11 Basic Considerations For A DIY Solar Hot Water Heater

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“Solar energy is bound to be in our future. There's a kind of inevitability about it.”

Jim Inhof

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8 Vital Steps in Building a DIY Solar Hot Water Heater

Due to the high cost of energy bills and the focus on protecting degraded earth resources, more and more people are finding that the manufacture of solar water heaters is a real option, and energy is created using clean and renewable sources of energy — a great place to reduce and eventually eliminate bills. The DIY Solar Hot Water Heater project can be very profitable, so the return on investment can be very fast.

Heating your hot water unit with mains electricity is an expensive process, on the other hand, if you get the energy needed to heat hot water from the device from the sun, it costs you nothing. It is estimated that approximately 33% of the energy costs for a home are spent on heating the system! Wouldn't it be nice to save that money and spend it somewhere else?

Can you cope with the task of creating a homemade DIY solar water heater stand still and say yes! So let's get the job done. Let's start the test by collecting the necessary materials for our project. Take a deep breath as our journey to competency begins.

solar water heater diagram

The following materials are required:

  • Old or used water heater
  • wood
  • Copper components for sampling
  • Masonite Pegboard
  • Insulators (polystyrene)
  • Used or old aluminum storm windows
  • Depending on the budget, you can use expensive glass panels
  • nails
  • An old plastic tube (black)
  • safety valve
  • connecting pipes
DIY solar hot water heater

How to build a DIY solar water heater


As you can see, we are trying to simplify the materials you need, because one of our main goals is to save and reduce our budget. We could use our old handset and the other things mentioned above, but make sure they are all functional. Old does not mean trash, and its use is tested by time and can still be used. All materials are designed to create a home-made and individual water heater. Now let's move on to unit creation procedures.

When water is heated by solar energy, an existing water heater should not consume enough energy to artificially heat water, since it is already hot. If you use less energy, your electricity bill will decrease, as will the demand for more electricity that can be generated, which may seem insignificant during the day, but within one month, one year and five years, this will have a very positive effect on global spending and the environment.


What are your plans for a solar water heater?

The most important DIY step is learning and checking what exactly is involved in creating your solar water heater. You need to check if you have the necessary skills and complete the task.

Finding clear plans and a guide for a solar water heater is necessary to help you with your task, as there are too many step-by-step instructions that are outdated or incomplete, leaving you to sit and look at a partially constructed unit — believing that there is no way to be considered a solar heater.

solar water heater on roof

What is the best design for your home?

Various types of solar water heating systems are available, such as everything from a single device to much more complex, larger devices that can deliver much more heated water from solar energy to the apartment. The best design depends on many factors, from the size of your home to the amount of hot water you need every day.


Choosing the Ideal Position for a Solar Water Heater

When creating your solar heater, the first thing you need to do is determine the best place to place solar collectors, where you get more sunshine. In most cases, it is usually on the roof.

Then you need to make sure that the roof can withstand the weight of solar panels, and try to keep them at the back or side of the house so as not to lose the charm if you decide to sell your house in the future.

install solar water heater

Cut off the water and wash the system.

You will have to cut off the main pipe leading to the house, as well as clean the water supply system, leaving all the taps in the house. After emptying, you can turn off the taps. Then remove all electricity from the current heating system, since you will need to connect a solar water heater to an existing heater.

Here are the instructions for building the device:


Build a Hot Box. 

In this case, the wooden box will be surrounded by the glass; then, it will acquire a part of the window with an aluminum hose for trapping solar heat.


Insert the collector into the box. 

Use the copper foil collector and water pipes used to make the collector. At this moment, the accumulated solar heat is now ready to heat the water.


Place the old water heater, which serves as the storage tank, over the box, and from a newly manufactured manifold. Combine it. This will allow the transfer of hot water to the tank, and cooling water will be supplied to the collector for heating.



Precautions in the manufacture of an individual solar water heater:

Check for leaks before using the device. Drain the system completely before planning to seal the system



Apply a black coating or paint to the collector sheet as well as to the collector. Protect your wooden box with an oil coating. Expose your custom water heater at a 45-degree angle to the sun and attach a water tank.


Now you can prove that you can DIY build a solar water heater. Regardless of which method of building a solar water heater you choose, you need to consider what is most convenient for your home, taking into account your special circumstances.

But, of course, it is worth considering a solution for DIY solar hot water - it is easier and cheaper than you think, and can provide an extremely cost-effective way to reduce your energy costs.

By building your diy solar water heater, you will significantly reduce your costs and realize that you will be able to quickly recoup your costs thanks to the savings that you get from your electricity bill. Then you will receive a net profit forever, which is a wonderful feeling.

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