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5 Vertical Hydroponic Ideas To Get You Going

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“Achieve the greatest volume and highest quality of produce possible, while reducing operating costs, and maximizing your profitability by growing smart.”

Tom Blount

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5 Vertical Hydroponic Ideas

However busy your lifestyle is, sustainable living is still a dream you can accomplish. The idea of growing vertical hydroponics is a smart one for anyone seeking to grow their healthy garden with little effort and costs. A vertical garden comes with definitive low-maintenance-style gardening that offers you delicious chemical-free produce for your body, finance and the environment.

If you’re an apartment dweller or someone living in a house with limited outdoor space, a vertical garden is a fabulous and compact solution you should embrace. It creates a fantastic living feature for anyone you who desires to live smart when it comes to producing bountiful harvests of healthy herbs, vegetables and fruits.

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What does Hydroponics mean and of what benefit is it?

Hydroponics refers to a system of growing plants without the use of soil. Hydroponic systems in combination with a specially formulated nutrient solution and growing media, lead to the specific nourishment as well as the environmental conditions required by plants to grow well.

This definition appears more like some high-tech procedure best suited for a home laboratory, and in reality, hydroponic techniques are not new to humans. For centuries, the technic has been in use. The only change in this era is the hardware which has improved the process to a much effective and efficient system.

Vertical Hydroponic gardening comes with a series of benefits such as:

  • Excellent water efficiency unlike traditional gardening
  • Healthier, Bigger, tastier plants
  • Faster plant growth
  • More control over the condition of growth and nutrition
  • No weeds, no herbicides
  • Grow anywhere every season
  • No bending over or back aches
  • Suitable for balconies and/or apartments and other small spaces

So you can choose the method of growing hydroponic plants as per your liking as well as suitability.

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Vertical Hydroponic garden

Currently, countertop gardens are trending, and with it, people go into growing pesticide-free produce by themselves on a small but sufficient scale for their own consumption. Besides, the process comes with very little hassle.

However, if self-sufficiently is an aspect of life, you actually have a passion for, then a small unit of this nature is adequate for you and your family. Your family will enjoy a variety of vegetables and fruits without ever leaving your home to bring from elsewhere. That’s how beneficial this smart and healthy indoor farming is to whoever embraces it.

Vertical hydroponic tech is true to what it spells out on the tin. It is a system designed upwards instead of outwards. At ground level, it has less space as a way of ensuring that the amount of plants you grow increases.

Vertical gardens are ideal for growth within your home and in your balconies, small concrete yards and garages. Vertical hydroponic systems offer you the much-needed DIY (Do It Yourself) opportunity in which you can farm your own produce every time all year round irrespective of your location.

Types of Vertical hydroponic Systems

Vertical hydroponic system designs come in multiple styles, shapes and sizes. The choices are many and also depend on your budget alongside other factors. More expensive ones have a wider range of features, little time and effort.

Vertical Hydroponic Ideas


Vertical Hydroponics DIY

For a less costly DIY setup, a PVC pipe, a submersible pump, tubing, and a bucket are enough to make it happen. Growth holes are created in the pipe so that the plants can grow through.

Then the nutrient solution gets pumped via the tubing right to the system top, where gravity goes into effect, by draining it down the piping and into the return tube and then into the bucket.

You can mount the system on the wall. This will make the growth perfect indoors and outdoors.


The Entrepreneurial Setup

What of hawking your veggies away from your home and on a market stall? It’s pretty ideal. This means you will need a much bigger tower gardening setup that will cost a little more. It can be a great way to make it a career worth investing in and profiting big from.

Conventional farming does take about 100 gallons of water for growing one head of lettuce only. But, with a hydroponic tower, you will use only 10 gallons. Besides, in 10,000 square feet of land, you can reap the same size of harvest using hydroponic gardening that it will take traditional gardening 2.2 acres to produce.

This is an eco-friendly system that saves space and is profitable. Who won’t love it?

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The Living Wall Setup

The system is an exceptional horticultural statement piece that makes your home special. Living walls are not new for they have been prevalent garden features in years.

Introducing a hydroponic system at home is the ideal low-maintenance solution if you have one of those with a busy lifestyle and therefore lacks time for pot plant investment. It can be expensive to run properly integrated systems; however, they are worth it when it comes to improvement in air quality.


The Vertical Countertop Setup

Vertical countertop hydroponics fits minimalist and time-bad gardening wannabes perfectly. These fabulous hassle-free setups come in a broad spectrum of stylish options, and remarkably, they are available in units so small that they can be mistaken for your typical breadbox.

Of course, when a system is bigger, it definitely has superior growing capacities. However, smaller countertop gardens can produce adequate herbs, fruits and salad vegetables to save some of your grocery budget.

Hydroponic Grow Systems

The Rotary Setup

Rotary hydroponic gardens appear pretty interesting. Their construction creates a certain unusual, striking feature! The method of the system was developed originally by NASA as a veg and fresh-fruit growth method for astronauts when in space. That explains why the systems come with an ethereal sci-fi feel.

In the center of the wheel is light. The plants grow inwards to its direction. The unit is rotated by the engine which ensures that your crops are receiving even amounts of light. Rotary systems are typically easy to use. Also, it’s a system that allows full automation and remote control via smartphone apps. These types of gardens come in various sizes, ranging from small table-top setups to large industrial systems.

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Vertical Hydroponic Ideas on Amazon

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Vertical hydroponics is the best way of reaping your own substantial harvest of fruit, vegetables and herbs without sacrificing your home space, greenhouse and garden. With technological advances, you can also use app interfaces to run several of the setups out there, allowing you to monitor and control the crops though you’re busy with some other stuff.

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