Off Grid Heating Options

off grid heating
​Summary: Off Grid heating and Cooling

It’s becoming increasingly important to get off the grid in times of uncertainty. This is a secure manner to live, as if something happens you and your family are protected.This makes off grid heating and cooling a major concern.

While older homes make it easy for people to get off the grid, newer models will require some changes to their design. One area of concern in colder locations is providing heating off the grid. With many gas powered options, how do you ensure that you and your family are kept warm?

passive solar

Off Grid Heating

To enjoy heat off the grid, you do need to plan on having additional insulation in the home. It’s vital that you take the time to ensure that there is an adequate amount of insulation in the walls to help trap the heat in the winter, while helping to keep things cooler in the summer.

For heating off the grid, you need to explore ways to generate heat. The power that you have coming in from an alternative energy source can help. But it isn’t enough to just generate the power, so a passive solar heater is one choice.

This will heat off the grid and use the power of the sun. This is done by adding dark colored walls and windows to the home, so that they absorb more heat. While this is great in the winter, this approach does cause some problems in the summer months when it becomes warmer.

Solar heating

An active solar heater in the window is another choice for off grid heating. This is usually a copper pipe that is painted black and placed in each window. This draws in the heat and helps to add it to the home.

You can take this a step further and paint the water pipes around the exterior of the house black also and they will draw in warm water through the pipes of the home.

Perhaps the most sensible approach for heating off the grid is the use of fire. This is the most historical method that has worked for hundreds of years. It requires a wood burning stove or fireplace in the home.

off grid heating and cooling

This can be in a single main room or you can have several strategically placed in the home. You can allow the fire to die down before you go to bed and allow the coals to help add a little extra warmth over the evening.

Thanks to the insulation in the walls, you shouldn’t experience much heat loss as a result.

These are just some of the incredible choices you will have for off grid heating. Keep in mind that as you heat off the grid, you’ll want to explore several different heating options, as the location of your home, general cooler weather patterns, and other factors may dictate what you are able to do for this form of heating.

Once you do have an effective plan in place, it is important that you keep up with it and ensure that you are able to provide enough heat so your entire family is able to live comfortably.

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