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Off Grid Cooling: When It Is A Necessity, Not A Luxury

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Living off the grid and being kind of an outlaw brings a dangerous reality.”

​Ron Perlman

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​In certain climates, off grid cooling is not a luxury, but is a necessity for the health of you and your family. When choosing to live off the grid, whether you’re generating electricity from wind, solar, or even a geothermal source, there will be certain sacrifices that you need to make to keep your energy requirements to a minimum.

Living off the grid doesn’t mean that you don’t have options for off grid cooling, but you will need to plan your cooling solution carefully, taking all of the available options into consideration.

off grid cooling options

Off Grid Cooling

Your cooling requirements could range from climate control, to electric fans, and even fridges and freezers for food storage. As with heating, cooling is a major drain on any electrical system.

It should be fairly obvious that in an off grid home, you will need to reduce the size of your cooling devices. This could mean downsizing an air conditioning system or your refrigeration units. You will also need to choose the most energy efficient devices possible.

Do You Have to Give up the Appliances That You're Used To?

If you’re generating enough electricity through solar power, or any other off grid method, then it is possible that you won’t have trouble keeping cool off the grid. However, it is important to understand that many off grid homes aim for an electrical consumption figure of just 10 kW/hr per day.

This is around one third of the average household in developed countries. Using typical air conditioners and large cooling appliances would not be possible within such a low energy household.

One solution would be to use kerosene refrigeration for food storage. Clean burning kerosene is environmentally friendly, but it can introduce the additional expense and inconvenience of obtaining kerosene.

wind tunnels

For most off grid households, a highly efficient refrigerator is a better solution, as long as the seals are well maintained, and the unit should be used only for essential perishables.

For cooling the air, specialized off grid cooling systems, such as a DC air conditioner, may be a possibility. Although a significant investment, a DC system doesn’t rely on an inverter, and a split type unit will prove to be highly efficient.

Even an inverter unit is still a possibility for keeping cool off the grid, as long as you have a large solar array or other electricity generation system that can provide the required power.

Living off the grid doesn’t mean that you have to completely give up on the devices that you’re used to. In many cases, you will only need to reduce your reliance on appliances, and possibly reinvest in highly efficient cooling appliances that will reduce the strain on your electricity generation system.

Every home is different, so make sure that you’re able to find a solution that meets your unique needs, and don’t be afraid to think outside of conventional solutions when it comes to off grid cooling .

If you want to produce your own food and energy, then you will have to forget about the luxurious lifestyle with lots of amenities. We want to live in an off-grid location by simply heating our houses with the help of wood and preserving our own food for future usage.

off grid living

There are many people who want to live this kind of lifestyle in order to get in touch with nature. They will need an off grid cooling system. They also use the off grid air conditioner as well. For the well-being of the environment, you will have to use solar energy. I, personally use the solar system in my house. I also recommend it to my new neighbor.

 Now the question is why we should consider the off grid cooling system. Here are some reasons for this factor. These are such as follows:

7 Reasons Why You should Consider Off Grid Cooling


Off grid is green:

 There are many people who want to live in the off grid just for some adventure and leisure purpose. But I am talking about the long term living system in an off grid location. This type of living has so many environmental benefits. 

Nature plays a very important role in this factor. In this living system, you will have to be more aware of the sun and wind as you will have to power yourself from these sources. You will have to live on the basis of green. You will have to need to lower the reliance on the transportation. Americans do it naturally. They use the 20% of the energy consumed by the typical American homes.

Free from the utility bills:

 By living in off grid area, you can lower the electricity bills. You can easily get rid of the bondage of electricity bills which is very high in amount. You can easily eliminate the cost of the utility bills as well. You can easily explore the alternative power of water, wind and solar systems. It is actually a great way to reduce the amount and overall cost of living.
living off grid

Awareness of earth’s resources:

While we are using the resources of the earth, then we should understand the value of it. While we are truly responsible for our own resources, then we know from where it comes and how it comes. We all use these resources with widely open our eyes. It will surely bring a massive change in our lifestyle.


Security and safety:

 While we tie with the grid, then we are tying a knot with more just a mere electric company. We will have to figure out some variables as well without the power system. We will have to eliminate the risk as well. We will have to create our own electricity. We will also have to live without the proper electricity as well. This can create a kind of awareness in all of us.


 These kinds of resources are 100% renewable. We all know that geothermal power is based on the energy that stored underneath the ground. This kind of heat is limitless in nature. It is randomly creating underneath the ground. This kind of force is mainly originated from the core of the planet. It is a natural process. This kind of energy is a renewable resource as well. This kind of energy is limitless. We do not need to think about its endings.
living off the grid

Living as producers:

 In a regular lifestyle, we live as a consumer. We easily get anything from the market by spending money. We do not think more. But in the off grid location, we will have to live independently. There we all have to do our own things. In general, we will have to live like a producer and not like a mere consumer. We will have to make our own garden and we will have to be environmentally responsible too. We will have to learn there how to use the less electricity and recycling the grey water as well. We will also have to learn how to live independently and learn the new skills as well. We should know how to harvest water and use it.

Live an unplugged life:

This is one kind of challenge. We all should take it in order to live in an off-grid location. If you want to live in an off-beat location, then you will have to depart from the everyday modern facility and lifestyle. This departure can cause a massive change in your life.

You may not use the drier. Instead of that, you will have to hang your cloth for drying. This is a scene outside of the screen. If you want to lead this kind of life, then it is important to know all such facts as well. The nature is there to embrace us. We will have to accept it and use its resources minutely.

You will have to reduce your carbon footprint. Instead of that, you will have to follow the natural footprints.

Solar power is a natural source of energy. This is the best and possible source of energy for the better using and lifestyle as well. The solar thermal system can easily convert the sunlight to a power system. You should not rely on the electricity. You can use your own resources of electricity and energy.


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