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Energy Efficiency Video Course: Part 1

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What You Can Expect From this Course and Why It is Important To Take Control Of Your Energy Future.

Course Summary: Energy Efficiency: Introduction and Course Overview

This course is about how to go off the grid in urban and suburban areas and the easy ways to master it. It is geared to home owners. However the same principles apply if you’re living in a property you don’t own. It’s still worth investing in some of these concepts as many apply equally in all situations.

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I practice the “80/20” method when it comes to off grid living. That is, I do the things which give me the most bang for my buck, for the least amount of time and expense. I’m looking for the largest return on my time and/or money investment.

I’m going to present this in 2 parts. This section is the first part. (it will consist to 12+ videos) It will be all about saving money not only on utilities, but many things surrounding your life.

The second course will be devoted to solutions to saving money on your heating, cooling, and hot water.

There are many more things that can be done. But in my experience doing these 12 things will get the quickest energy efficiency savings, least expensively, in the least amount of time. Also feel free to include your own experience or tips in the comments section below. Everyone benefits by sharing knowledge.

The course is divided up into parts, and the parts divided into  sections.

Part 1: The Basics to Get You Started Right.

Chapter1: How to get started quickly and easily

Chapter 2: Your energy budget and why it is important.

Chapter 3: Getting the government and utility companies to help with the cost.

Chapter 4: Updating an older home

Bonus: How to Eliminate Phantom Loads​

Bonus: Save money on soaps, and detergents

Chapter 5: Air sealing part 1

Chapter 6: Air sealing part 2

Chapter 7: Air sealing the basement

Chapter 8: Air sealing the attic

Chapter 9: Air sealing the exterior

Bonus: Hot Water Heaters​

Bonus: The 80/20 method of energy efficiency

Once you get to this point, you will be saving 100's of dollars a month with no loss of comfort. Now it is time to put that money to work in order to save even more money. Some things will work in your situation, some won't. But everyone can find ways to shave off dollars off your utility bill. By adding a few of the steps below, you can save 1000's of dollars a year maintaining exactly the same lifestyle.

Part 2: Lay the Foundation for Urban and Suburban Off Grid Living

This section will take some thought and planning on your part. Now it is time to tackle ways to reduce your energy signature to zero, if you want. The goal is to first eliminate as much waste as possible, then to address some of the biggest home expenditures...heating and cooling.  With the money you save from above, you can put it to work to save even more money.

Chapter 10: Passive Solar Design

Chapter 11: Passive Solar Heating

Chapter 12: Passive Cooling

Chapter 13: Windows and Skylights

Chapter ​14: How To Get Free Glass For Solar Applications

Chapter 15: Solar Hot Water Heaters

Bonus: Finding Off Grid Shelter

Part 3: How To Build Solar Panels

The goal is not to eliminate your utility costs, but rather to lower them to the absolute minimum payment. In this way, your "grid-system" becomes your "back-up" system. Remember, not paying, or not having utilities is a red flag to the authorities. You'll invite government, law enforcement, and bureaucracies into your life if you eliminate your utilities.

Part 4: Alternative Energy Systems for Off Grid Living


Grid-tie systems

Net metering

Part 5: Alternative Fuels for Off Grid Living



Algae Biodiesel

Table-Top Bioethanol


Part 6: Organic Foods for Off Grid Living

Food is a significant expense in everyone's life. As more and more supermarket food is laden with preservatives and chemicals, it's important to eat organic. Study after study has proven that the chemicals used in modern farming contribute to the health problems in this country.

The "Catch-22" is, organic is twice as expensive as mass produced food. You can grow organic year around and eliminating a huge chunk of your food budget.  Add chickens (Many areas permit them) and you can add meat, eggs, and protein. Add aquaponics and you can fish as well as vegetables to your table.

Urban Farming

Vertical Farming

Living Walls


Organic farming

Roof Top Farming

1/4 Acre Farming


Part 7: Debt Elimination

Before you can disappear off the grid, you must pay your debts. If you don't then "the Man" will hound you forever. With clean credit doors are opened and no one is looking for you. There's no getting around this. The good news is, with the money you have saved by implementing the strategies here, you now have the money to pay them off.

Part 8: How to Disappear in Plain Sight

Your goal is not so much to "disappear" which draws attention and is almost impossible anyway, but to maintain a "bullet-Proof" level of privacy. It's about disappearing into the gray mass of humanity, and becoming one in a faceless herd with no distinguishing features that make you stand out.

It's about maintaining your freedom in an increasingly unfree world. The methods explained here will frustrate individuals, lawyers, and people who want to invade your privacy. By making it harder, it means your opponent has to spend more money.

If you wish disappear from the law, this section won't help you much. For that you'll need a new identity, and even that probably won't work for long.

More Parts To Come...

And I have many more parts I’m going to add to this section in the future, but I'm not sure of the actual order yet. When I add to a section, or course, I’ll send an update by email.

There’s no problem with you copying this and sharing it as much as you want. It is copyrighted but you have my express permission. All I ask is that you don’t chop it up, or change my words. If you’re going to share it, share the entire document or video. If you want to share it on social media, that’s fine too.

In the “Checklists and Cheat Sheets Section below this video you find a .pdf download which will outline what needs to be done, give you step-by-step instructions, and will form an ongoing plan of action. They are designed so no part of this project should take more than a weekend to accomplish.

Downloads/Resources (Click to view or right click to download)

Checklists, Cheat sheets,...

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